Zaria Massacre: New Video Shows Army Ambush Of Hussainiyah Islamic Center

Soldiers took provocative positions around the center


A new 6 minute video released on facebook purports to show the deliberate ambush of the Islamic Movement house in Zaria.

In the video the Nigerian military is seen deliberately positioning themselves around the spiritual headquarters. Shortly after dozens of Shia Muslims within the premises were gunned to death.

When this video took place and whether it was before the Tudun Wada road clash with armed Zakzaky militants is being determined however Haruna Elbinawi wrote us that this Hussainiyah Baqiyatullah incident happened before the road attack where the members of the movement were mad that their holy house had been attacked by the army.

zakzaky men

Haruna said, “It  was a Very deceptive clip as That wasn’t the beginning of the argument. This was after the first round of shootings. Before this, the soldiers were seen encircling their Islamic center and taking shooting positions. Then they opened fire, and retreated and came back to face these brave youths with no option but stones, trying to prevent the soldiers from entering the Islamic center.”

At least 200 bodies have been counted as a result of the massacre. The group leader was found hiding in a bunker.