506 Women, Children Kidnapped In Damasak As Govt Plans Claimed Recovery Of 234 Chibok Girls

Chibok girls still missing


Reuters reports today that 400 to 500 women and children have just been surprisingly kidnapped in Damasak, Borno state during the ongoing six week war against Boko Haram.

This horrific kidnap that the federal government has been silent about is happening right as Empowered Newswire reports that the Jonathan government is set to announce the rather impossible ‘rescue’ of 234 girls abducted from a school in Chibok almost a year ago, April.

The abduction of the girls unquestionably seriously embarrassed the Jonathan administration globally and has remained a major obstacle to the president’s electability. Mr. Jonathan has in recent days repeated the rather unusual remarks that “Boko Haram having not displayed the girls’ bodies proves they are alive;” this he last rehashed during a BBC  interview days ago.

The timing is suspicious. Analysts and informants have concluded, as also relayed by a former president of Nigeria, rtd General Olusegun Obasanjo, that most of the abducted girls are dead, sold, indoctrinated and otherwise lost.

Intelligence experts suggest that the Jonathan government planned the latest kidnap to gather as many girls as can be broadcast as being the abducted girls to make a quick electioneering show of efficiency ahead of Saturday’s elections.

“The ‘rescue’ just days before the presidential elections is plain dubious,” an expert said. “It is either arranged kidnap or a treacherous deal with terrorists.” According to her, all the ruling party wants is time, and it is expected that in the first days after such rescue, positive identification will not be conducted thus preventing discovery of the scam before election day Saturday March 28th.

Nigeria has not made any official comment on these two grave events. All efforts to get a reaction from the defense department have proven abortive.

The Multinational joint task forces have complained that the Jonathan administration is stalling their mission against Boko Haram for political purposes. Recently the Chadian military spokesperson chided the Nigerian military as being “scared” to come and take control of recaptured territory. Nigeria did not react to this accusation.