BREAKING: Bridge Pres. Jonathan Commissioned In Kano Cracks ‘On Brink of Collapse’

NewsRescue; Updated

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

The ‘Ado Bayero’ bridge commissioned by president Goodluck Jonathan in Kano on Sunday 22nd March, 2015; which was built by the federal government through senator Basheer Garba Lado (senator representing Kano central) has collapsed today and is presently inaccessible.

The bridge was touted as a federal government project in Kano and the grand commissioning was ment to showcase federal government projects in Kano.

However it rather appears to have exposed dishonest intentions and corrupt executions as the bridge was apparently only conceived as with most projects in Nigeria under the current administration, as a means to siphon billions of naira while further jeopardizing the masses.

Ibrahim Bello Zauma on faceBook said: Politics aside! The bridge has a major crack at the joint but has not yet collapsed. It was poorly constructed in a haste to get votes for PDPigs. But please, tell the truth and stop exaggerating issues. The caption should be “GEJ’S BRIDGE IN KANO ON THE BRINK OF COLLAPSE”

While the cracked “Lado” short bridge was executed for a whooping sum of more than 10 billion naira, a much larger project of more than 2 kilometres bridge was executed by his excellency the governor of Kano state at the same amount or less.

Crack in bridge that collapsed
Crack in collapsed bridge; img: faceBook NewsRescue fans
Police stationed to stop vehicles that may break bridge: img: faceBook
Police stationed earlier to stop vehicles that may break bridge: img: Olufemi Kusanu, faceBook NewsRescue fans

The dangerous half done project that was hurriedly commissioned as part of the ruling party electioneering scramble ahead of the March 28th elections, paints the federal government in poor light. Peoples safety must always be priority over winning elections with hurriedly executed projects. This reminds also of the failure in the six week war against Boko Haram.

One of the labourers who we asked about the bridge layout only told us that the bridge lacks enough iron rods in its structure.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta