Activist @John_DanFulani To Join #ArbaeenTrekNigeria 2016 In Face of Fears of Extremist Cum Authorities’ Violent Attacks



Kaduna South civil activist Professor John Dan Fulani has promised to participate in the 2016 Arbaeen trek conducted by Shia Muslims in Nigeria’s north this November.

The activist made this known by tweet message:

“I will make it this year’s arbaeen Trek. We at all together on this and many issues.”

Also tweeting:

The Islamic movement has alerted the public of the high risk of attacks by Izala-group related and wahhabi fanatic islamists as well as Nigerian security service men acting a script.

Last year’s trek in Kaduna was bombed by unknown individuals alleged to be Boko Haram terrorists. Islamic movement leader Sheikh Zakzaky had warned of the attacks weeks ahead last year, claiming the trek will be attacked by a concerted foreign and Nigerian state security plot.

After the attack, the Sheikh had accused the Nigerian security department of being behind it. Two weeks later following street protests, hundreds of Shia Muslims were killed in Zaria by the Nigerian army in suit with Kaduna extremists. The Kaduna government later confessed to have buried 350 of the bodies in a mass grave.

The civil activist Dan Fulani has come out more obstinate than ever after the Kaduna government just arrested him and detained him illegally on a case he had already defeated at the court months back.

The Arbaeen trek is identical with western walks for cancer and other global walks that test endurance and increase empathy for pertinent issues.

The Arbaeen walk invokes compassion, sacrifice, tolerance and steadfastness in its participants who “heed the call” of Imam Hussein in distress. The walk was initiated by a companion of the prophet of Islam, Jabir bn Abdullah Al-Ansari according to .

More tweets with images of the trek in the past years: