All Top Global Intelligence Agencies Link Saudi Arabia With Daesh (ISIS)

King Salman of Saudi


Coming under increasing global heat for its ties with ISIS and global terror networks, the Saudi Prince and Ambassador to the US Prince Saud recently published an OpEd denying the Wahhabi regime sponsors terror.

On this backdrop, the following global agencies have all come to the same conclusion, accusing the Saudi regime of links and financial and military backing for terror organizations including ISIS, AlQaeda and Boko Haram in Nigeria:


Hillary Clinton in US Cables

The USG (United States Government)  engages regularly with the Saudi Government on terrorist financing. The establishment in 2008 of a Treasury attache office presence in Riyadh contributes to robust interaction and information sharing on the issue. Despite this presence, however, more needs to be done since Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qa’ida, the Taliban, LeT, and other terrorist groups, including Hamas, which probably raise millions of dollars annually from Saudi sources, often during Hajj and Ramadan. In contrast to its increasingly aggressive efforts to disrupt al-Qa’ida’s access to funding from Saudi sources, Riyadh has taken only limited action to disrupt fundraising for the UN 1267-listed Taliban and LeT-groups that are also aligned with al-Qa’ida and focused on undermining stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Read more in Cable; Read from CBSNews


Dec. 8, 2015 (CNN)Saudi Arabia has been accused of funding radical extremism across the globe by one of Germany’s top politicians.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag Sunday that it should be made clear to the kingdom that “the time for looking the other way has passed.” Read more in CNN


Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped Isis take over the north of the country

A speech by an ex-MI6 boss hints at a plan going back over a decade. In some areas, being Shia is akin to being a Jew in Nazi Germany

Some time before 9/11, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, once the powerful Saudi ambassador in Washington and head of Saudi intelligence until a few months ago, had a revealing and ominous conversation with the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. Prince Bandar told him: “The time is not far off in the Middle East, Richard, when it will be literally ‘God help the Shia’. More than a billion Sunnis have simply had enough of them.” Read full in the Independent


Boko Haram Hold Talks With FG In Saudi Arabia To Negotiate Peace, Release Of Chibok Girls

Islamist militant group Boko Haram is in talks with the Nigerian government to release more than 200 girls abducted six months ago and negotiate a cease-fire to a deadly insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives, VOA reports.

The Islamic extremists abducted more than 200 girls from Government Secondary School, Chibok on April 14, 2014. The terrorists have held them captive since then.

VOA claims “an adviser to Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan and a man calling himself the secretary-general of Boko Haram told VOA Thursday that discussions are under way in Saudi Arabia, aided by high level officials from Chad and Cameroon.” Read full in theTrent


Putin reveals list of 40 nations sponsoring ISIS Read more