“Amnesty” Peace Deals With “Proscribed” Boko Haram Insults National Intelligence


July 11, 2013

NewsRescue-Boko Haram terrorists cult has been proscribed by the federal government of Nigeria. Presidential spokesman Reuben Abati on June 5th, announced that the proscription by Jonathan “officially brings the activities of both groups (Boko Haram and Ansaru) within the purview of the Terrorism Prevention Act and any persons associated with the two groups can now be legally prosecuted and sentenced to penalties specified by the Act.”

It insults logic faculties, in addition to being a violation of the law, for Nigeria and a so-called amnesty committee, that till date, has only been credited with talking to jailed members and jeopardizing military operations, to create an avenue for the thriving of Boko Haram terrorist secret society, via the suggested ceasefire. See: NewsRescue-Nigeria: Double Agent Sabotaging Amnesty Committee Arrested

NSA Mukhtar and Yar'Adua's approach to the northern terrorist threats.
NSA Mukhtar and Yar’Adua’s approach to the deviant extremist terrorist threats.

Kabiru Turaki of the amnesty team, who claims, on behalf of the proscribed cult, and  in violation of the law, that the members “now trust the government,” does more heartless damage to neurons of the national collective mental, by even referring to the results of Nigeria’s civilian and military JTF joint, sacrificial efforts in full war against Boko Haram, which sent the monsters running into the mountains, as some kind of “gains of the amnesty committee.” The truth is simply that, Shekau now trusts the government because the military forces of the government and the civilian forces of the nation have shown the cowardly terrorists and their political sponsors that they have zero tolerance for deviant, religious extremist, murderous terrorism. That is it. Any other statements by the amnesty committee are lies and insults to the efforts of Nigeria’s military, media and civilians, dead and alive. Click here for images of the defeat of Boko Haram via bombs.

You can not sign peace or amnesty with robbers, terror cultists, kidnappers or other criminals within a nation. Who and what is Boko Haram, that a ‘deal,’ can be signed with them? Are they a state or a country? Do they have a religious or political principle or a recognized political or human rights activist public personality? Boko Haram lacks formation for negotiations. Is Nigeria now going to sign cease-fire’s with all its kidnapping gangs, its college secret cults, Vikings, Eye, Black-axe? With all its armed robber groups? With the mafia. You can not sign cease-fire with underground associations. This is the basic principle of civil society and national existence. Boko Haram, now known for their consumption of cocaine, their love of sex and rape, in addition to their prior history of terror against Muslims and Christians, including Imams and Pastors; traditional rulers, rich and poor, fathers, mothers, and children, Nigerians and foreigners alike. With bus stop bombings, school shooting, kidnapping, raping, conscripting children, invoking sectarian tension, to mention just a bit, are in no position to be recognized and negotiated with, except told to surrender.

Enenche Akogwu, died at Boko hands in Kano

Rushing forward to impress an amnesty-ceasefire on Nigerian’s just 1 month after full military deployment and civilian JTF effort against, and successful in sending the terrorist monsters scrambling into the mountains, is a very dangerous and obvious act of sabotage and support of terrorism and the sponsorship of terrorism in violation of the Terrorism prevention Act.

If Boko Haram was going to agree to amnesty measures, such should have been done before full military draft, a state of emergency and the civilian concerted response and military engagement. Rather, during the period pre-state of emergency, Boko Haram, while being begged by the amnesty committee, showed its worst, with Baga and Bama, and other genocidal and anti-state, terror escapades, that threatened the heart of peace and security of the nation.

The time for any peace talks and the window for a cease-fire expired when the full force of Nigeria’s military and civilians was drafted to secure Nigeria’s north eastern states from the insane terrorists. Claims of a ceasefire and window for amnesty are direct acts of terrorism to Nigerian military and youth involved in the battle to secure their states, and acts of sabotage, also in violation of the Terrorism Prevention Act, by creating escape channels for Boko Haram’s sponsors. We are all aware that the time for the arrest of Boko Haram’s sponsors has come. Borno’s ANPP chairman was arrested, an ex-governor has been complaining to the current governor, also an ex-NSA has been suspected to be a key mastermind. This urgent push for peace that could disrupt the process of capturing or killing all terrorists and bringing the masterminds to book, is apparently a direct act in support of terrorism by the amnesty committee and the head of Nigerian intelligence, NSA Sambo Dasuki.

Nigerian people and international human rights agencies will use all means available to them to seek justice for the following listed crimes by their government:

  1. The allowing of the arming and assembly of Boko Haram, under Nigeria’s government during the Obasanjo administration, with Aliyu Mohammed Gusau as the NSA

  2. Nigeria’s government delaying action against Boko Haram terrorists from May 29, 2011 till May 14, 2013, allowing Boko Haram to terrorize the nation without proper security response, under NSA’s Sambo Dasuki and Aliyu Mohammed Gusau.

  3. Striking a “ceasefire” with a “proscribed” terrorist cult, to again lead to a state of permanent insecurity for the citizens of Nigeria’s north, Nigeria and larger west Africa.

  4. Nigeria’s government by such violation, establishing terrorism—in addition to corruption—as a route of wealth and political empowerment, with the guarantee of impunity, in the nation.

Anything less than the arrest or a full surrender by Boko Haram terrorists, including Shekau, to then face the full justice of Nigeria’s law, or the Northern Sharia courts law, can not be acceptable to Nigerians. Amnesty should only be for Nigeria’s disenfranchised youth and the civilian JTF.

April Video shows Boko haram training capacity pre- SoE, with target practice heads of Sagir Musa  Obama, president Goodlusk Jonathan, VP Sambo, etc, during so-called Amnesty committee discussions

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