Belgian justice minister tries to clean up ‘pee-gate’ scandal

Lazy eyes listen


After intoxicated guests at his 50th birthday party urinated on a police vehicle, Belgian Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne apologized to the country’s police service.

On Thursday, the minister testified in front of parliament about what he knew about the affair, which had been called “pipigate,” or “pee-gate” in English. Quickenborne apologized to the whole country’s police force during his speech, maintaining that he was not at responsible for the occurrence.

“I can see why they were offended. This is very unacceptable,” he continued, stating he was uninformed of the occurrence on the night it occurred.

“I am ashamed that people I invited to my house peed three times against a police van.” It is revolting, especially.

Van Quickenborn is being protected by authorities and under constant observation after a criminal cell attempted to kidnap him last year.

CCTV footage purportedly shows Van Quickenborn talking about the incident and making a urinating movement as he stood outside laughing with another visitor later that night, which is one of the crucial pieces of evidence in the controversy. The minister claims he has no recollection of making the motion, but he could have been playing “air-guitar” because he is a self-described “metalhead.”

“Some think these photographs depict me impersonating the act of peeing. The person I was with thinks it’s an air guitar solo… I admit that I occasionally play air guitar… It is conceivable, I believe.

Van Quickenborn has stated that authorities have begun an investigation into the incident and that he has requested three of his pals who are suspected of being the perpetrators to come forward.

Despite Van Quicknborn’s denial of the narrative, police unions and opposition lawmakers have been angered by the occurrence and have called for the minister’s resignation.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo was also a guest at the party, but he has maintained that he saw nothing wrong and has not supported calls for his minister to resign.