Benin Arrest: “I Was Linked With Boko Haram, Jonathan Got Me Out” — Dokubo

Boko Haram sophistication

Nov. 30, 2013

NewsRescue- Speaking to journalists in Abuja, MEND terrorist leader, Mujahid Asari-Dokubo has given a snip of his ordeal in the hands of the Beninoise gendarmes. Dokubo said he was locked up for links to Boko Haram, the north eastern terrorist group. Dokubo has admitted a relationship with Boko Haram and is said to have received terrorist training with the founder of the deadly cult in Libya, late Mohammed Yusuf, who was killed extra-judicially by the late Yar’Adua administration, when over 700 of the group’s members were killed.

dokuboDokubo was also locked up for terrorism with late Yusuf in 2006. There are suspicions that Dokubo is still in league with these north eastern terrorists and has been an arms runner for them.

I met most of their leaders at the SSS underground cell in 2006/2007. Among them were Mohammed Isam Adams, Mohammed Ashafa, the Yusuf brothers (Hussein and Hassan), Hussein, Suleiman, Dr. Mohammed Bello of the defunct Democrat newspaper, who was their alleged sponsor, and their leader, Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf. – Dokubo

Earlier reports indicate that his arrest in Benin republic was possibly related to gunrunning.

His house was searched during his arrest and all his friends and accomplices in the country were locked under house arrest for over 8 hours.

Most of the ammunition for terror in Nigeria is run through Benin, from Ghana. Several Nigerians have been arrested gunrunning for terror in Nigeria on the Ghana side, Tema border, though suspiciously, no one is ever caught at the Nigerian side of the Seme border.

Dokubo further revealed that his release was only made possible by top level intervention of Nigeria’s commander in chief, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. He denied reports that he was flown to Abuja in a presidential jet.

As is customary, blaming his arrest on the “opposition,” who he said want him to die before 2015, Dokubo the millonaire was thankful for the support he got from “Easterners and Niger Deltans” as he tribally narrowed it.

ghana-smugglersAsari-Dokubo is a leader of the Niger Delta MEND terrorist group, who issued direct threats at the Benin government for arresting Dokubo, without even knowing why he was arrested. Most Niger Delta rebels accepted a government amnesty package constructed by the late President Umar Yar’Adua, Dokubo and a few members however did not accept the amnesty, meaning they are still officially deemed as anti-Nigeria active terrorists.

Our earlier report indicated sources in Benin that stated that if Dokubo ran due to his Nigeria presidency assisted release, and does not follow through with a full investigation and possible jail time in Benin, he will be declared a persona non grata.

The United States has listed Boko Haram a FTO ( Foreign terrorist Organisation) this will lead to more such unusual suspects being picked up by foreign governments in foreign countries, as well as monies of certain individuals in Nigeria being seized.

Currently Asari-Dokubo serves under the president’s panel of ‘special advisers and enforcers.’ He is paid millions of dollars by the president to provide elusive security to the Nigeria Delta oil industry, but the region is in disarray with oil theft and leakage polluting the environment at a historic peak. Dokubo has meanwhile invested heavily in Benin where he was arrested.