Better the Devil You Know than the Devil You Don’t: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ahmed Isyaku-Katsina

The outrageous Wardrobe allowance to be received by NASS members that caused public outrage and criticism , with huge and unjustified amount of N 17.5 million to be given to each member of 360 House of Representatives, and N21.5million for each of 109 senators , should not be met by our surprise , as some of this NASS members have just recently began painting us the real picture of themselves. We have already seen their true colors in their greedy battle for power in the recent leadership crisis among the members of the same party, exposing the darkside of the so called agents of ‘Change’ that we yelled for and voted for. Greed for ‘power’ and love of ‘money’ , the roots of all evil, is what defined their behaviour in their recent battle for power and their brazen silence approval of the ‘national cake’ , the overblown Wardrobe allowance they will receive to enjoy, looking at the current situation in the country with an excruciating socio-economic pain devastating the nation. It is very outrageous and unbecoming, seeing how Nigerians believed in them and voted for them to fight corruption and alleviate the nagging poverty in the country. This further , raises the question whether these so called agents of ‘change’ are true or fake in their intentions of making a difference.

‘Change’ is easier said than done , and like somebody said , ‘Promises are like babies , easy to make but hard to deliver.’ We put our trust in many of this people we voted for to represent us, because they promised us ‘Change’. We believed in them, not because they themselves, are ‘changed’ if you look at them , but because we have seen their compassion in trying to save us through their struggles with us and the hope they inspired in us when we were in despair – that we will be saved and safe in their hands in the change they want to make. Some of them , their hands were already dirty , but when they defected to our innocent party of change we accepted them. Thinking that they will turn over a new leaf, our votes gave them a second chance to clean their mess – to mend their ways and right their wrongs. Unfortunately, they now seem to relapse into their old habits, breaking our hearts into pieces. If only we had known that this people are leopards that will never change their spots, we would not have voted for them.

Another category of this people that we blindly voted for , are those novice or new and inexperienced politicians that we did not even know much about .They were opportunistic of the unfortunate situations in the country. We were desperately in need for change, with the nagging pain of socio-economic problems and rampant corruption ravaging the country , that the out gone government then seemed to ignore with poor response to address the problems, which resulted to our resorting to vote for these novice politicians to make change. They exploited our desperation for change and called themselves our saviours. They dubiously shouted ‘Change!’ to raise our morale high with lies that we believed to be truth , giving us hope and confidence. Under the platform of this true and innocent party of change , we can see them nothing but wolves in sheep clothing. And they are no different from  those that seem to relapse into their old ways. Sometimes , it is better the devil that you know than the devil you don’t.

However, in this people, are those few, who will be there for us. Amongst them, are those who defected to APC and changed their old ways , and those new ones that came in and  they meant it when they said they are our saviours, as well as those that were already there in the party or formed it. This category, are not hypocrites or greedy enough to see politics as a money-making venture like others. They want to make a difference in our lives. I’m optimistic. This people will speak for us and for those without voice. I also be believe that, although they are few, and they may not be House’s leaders, they are influential and respected by others because of their honesty and good reputation. We hope , they will call others to order and remind them of their words to keep and to remember the oath they took to serve Nigeria with honesty and with selflessness.

We beseech Algmighy God to guide them unto the right path. Ameen.

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