Circulating Purported Document Detailed Plan To Break-Up Nigeria

A document in circulation in northern Nigeria have exposed the evil plan of breaking up Nigeria.

The project was so planned that it would have been impossible to maintain a one existing Nation called Nigeria. The document further confirmed the United State prediction that ‘Nigeria may cease to exist as one country in 2015’.

Furthermore, the statement of president of Nigeria Muhammad Buhari in far away South Africa two days ago may be linked to this circulated document detailing step by step plan to cause confusion and war all in the efforts to break Up the country. Buhari in South Africa said that some crazy people have been planning for the break Up of the country, he further expressed his suprise at the effort of these people who he referred to as ‘Crazy people’, which he said that Nigeria is not short of Crazy people.

Various meetings were held by these proponents at different locations as contained in the circulated document. The document further indicates that the plan was hatched by the leaders of South-South and Southeast in different part of the world.


Top Hint; Participants

Eze Ozebu-former Ohanneze President, Tom Ateke, Col O,G Achuzie (Rtd), Chief Ayakeme E whisky, Chief Ralph Nwazurike, Chief Oboko Bellow, Chief Victor Umeh, Prince E Okojie, Ben Nwabueze, Brig Gen S E Oviawe (Rtd), Chief Jackson Sunny Udoh, Boy Loaf, Air Cdre Idongesit Nkanga (Rtd), Chief Francis Doukpola, Prof Salibo Mukoro, Sir Mike Okiro (former IGP), Alabo Tonya Graham Douglas, Mujaheed Asari Dokubo, Albert Horsfall, Ledum Mittens.

First meeting; 10th August 2010.
Venue 605-3rd Avenue New York,

Sovereignity of both South-South and South-East Nigeria should be a reality.
* Grouped out and called for absolute unity and sanity within the two regions.
* Let there be genuine reconciliation and total forgiveness within the South- South and South East.
* Enough of marginalization and suppression from Northerners.

For the group to succeed, the group projected about $3.5bn is required to execute the entire project.

They agreed to establish 5 accounts for the project.
* three domiciliary accounts
* Two in-house accounts

The Group agreed to seek foreign assistance in these areas
* funding
* Training
* Fabrication of arms
* Supply of arms

A five man delegations was constituted with Chief Emeka Anyoaka to lead the team to Britain, USA, France, Israel, Germany and Australia for international support.

The Group through a unanimous decision nominated these personalities to serve as the council of Elders to the Group.
– Chief Sen. Edwin Clark
– Chief Emeka Anyoaka
– Chief Tony Anenih
– Obi of Onitsah, HRM Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe.
– Amanyanababo of Kalabari Kingdom, His Majesty Prof Teophilus Jacob Princewell.

The Group resolved to select some men of integrity to handle the herculean tasks and they will be divided into cluster committees.

The Group appreciates Ndidi Okereke, Charles Soludo, and Pascal Dozie for sponsoring the trip for the New York meeting.

Second meeting 11th – 12th 2010
Venue; No 2 Rue de Mare, Neuve 91012,Evry Cedex France.

– Five accounts have been established;
* international industrial Development Bank, Korea (Acct, No, 0047601308) under Chief Francis Doukpola’s venture.
* Comerz Bank A G Kalserplatz, Frankfurt (Acct, No. 0047601308)
under Chief Hope Harriman.
* Citi Bank NA London (Acct No. 60545040) under Chief Edwin Clark.
* Diamond Bank under Obi of Onitsha- His Majesty Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe.
* Zenith Bank under Jim Ovia.

They proposed to have armories and dumps in three northern geo-political regions,namely;
* North Central
* North East
* North West

The Group received first set of weapons from Russia under the custody of Chief Peter Obi.

There are four deadly groups which have indicated their willingness to be part of the programme, they are;
* Stone Cold – from Israel
* Grand Masters from Israel.
* Storch from Germany .
* Thint from Russia.

The Group unveiled their master plan which is divided into three phases;
* Power should remain in their axis until 2023.
* Weakening of Northern elements in the Military, there should be mass retirement of Northerners and subsequent promotion of their brothers of South and South East in the Military. This would further weaken the North.
* Revolution should be fermented leading to division of the Country.

The Group nominated these persons from Northern axis, they are Jonah Jang, David Mark, Tunde Ogbehe, Gen. Martin Angwai and Gen. Ogidi with their term of reference as follows;
* selection of 5000 youths to undergo training to serve as aides and Gorilla fighters.
* Age group between 22 to 40 years without any physical deficiency.
* They must be computer literate in order to be trained for Nuclear and Chemical section.

These are the proposed places for training;
* Moscow – Explosives training.
* Israel – Chemical.
* Georgia – arms.
* South Africa – Physical training.
The first batch are to commence training.

The Group instructed all its subsidiaries and various state chapters within the Northeast, North Central, and North West to;
* Stock arms of various kind in their custody.
* Never surrender.

Third Meeting of 24th – 03 – 2011
Venue; Elverelen 25B, PD8325, N – 1324, Lysaker Oslo Norway.

Four Committees were constituted;
Ten 10 persons were nominated with Sen. Osita Izunaso being the leader with their term of reference as follows;
* Provide a complete data of all the northerners’ resident within the east and South – South axis.
* Get accurate number of their houses both complete and uncomplete with their location.

– they drafted 5 people into this committee with Dr. Brown Anderson as the leader and their term of reference are;
* Find out their sponsors within the South east and south South.
* which countries associate with northerners?
* How many operatives have relationship with them?
* Trace and know the kind of arms they operate with.

Another committee of Ten 10 people was set with Chief Pampas Nwahire the leader and their terms of reference are;
* what are the northerners investments within the regions?
* How many of their companies have their brothers (Igbos) as directors?

Ten 10 persons were also nominated with DCP Titus Okolo as the leader and their term of reference are;
* Undertake a survey and find out what Is going on in some of the research institutions.
* Monitor these universities; ABU Zaria, UNIMAID, ATBU Bauchi and FUT Yola. Concentration should be in their various laboratories.

Part of the executional plan have been unveiled;
* Government investment within the north is to be tempered with, including NNPC pipelines that link northern Nigeria.
* Bridges that link the major cities of the north should be cut off.

The deadly groups were mandated to handle the followings;
* Thint firm is shouldered with the importation of arms to the groups.
* Grand masters is to fabricate arms and supply of dynamite bombs.
* Storch are to handle the physical training in South Africa.
* Stone Cold is in charge of general operations.

Another set of arms received is under the custody of the Federation of Niger Delta.

Resolution was reached by the group as follows;
* Strategic positions within the Federal Ministries and parastatals should be occupied by the two 2 regions of South South and South East.
* Mass replacements within the arms of government should favor the two regions.
* The northerners occupying sensitive positions be relieved of their appointments or be posted out.

The group resolved to print out Nigerian Currencies abroad and a five man committee was set up to fine – tune ways of printing them. Chief Andy Ubah, Charles Soludo, Pascal Dozie, Austine Omeroruwa and Emeka Obasi.

Reads the End of the document.

Comrade,Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
[email protected]