Is this ‘Leaked Cable’ On The Boko Haram Agenda Real?

June 14, 2014


We just received this alleged leaked Cable from a certain covert meeting supposed to have held in 2011 to strategize a Boko Haram agenda against Nigeria. We are unable to verify it in any way yet and are still querying the source. It is ‘crazy’ to say the least. Please view:

Leaked Teletext cable b/w GEJ Nig, some Church leaders, and southern Nigeria secessionist advocates
Obudu cattle ranch.
Confidential—– and highly classified info.
After discussions that bordered on the north and Islam and means of containing and reducing their influence in the context of the dream Nigeria for total control by the majority christian south agenda 1: to be executed within a span of six (6) years, south east Nigeria 1967-70 annihilated by the Nigerian army Biafran war experiment. South east of Nigeria remains the only war inflicted part; to make equation they endorsed that the north east of Nigeria must be inflicted with war similar to the south east, and the combat must be executed by Nigerian army in a phantom or illusion of fighting Boko Haram. Agreed training Nigerian army for this purpose – must not aware of real enemy, France, Israel, Turkey and Cameroun must be strategically induced with funds, Cameroon to be compensated with territories it lays claim to if all agreed upon are executed. Notable among attendants: 1 Gleja 2 Ihej Na 3 AO C 4 GA Ibom 5 AOA some army officers, Christians only and south extraction.

Update, June 15

Ngida Lassa commented on facebook – Boko Haram Franchise: I want all of u contributors to read this: d original boko haram was formed & funded by outside interest groups aimed at islamising Nigeria. (2) second boko haram was formed & funded by disgruntled northern fulani politicians to annihilate northern Christians whom they believed aided d emergence of Jonathan presidency. (3) d third & d last boko haram was formed & funded by pro biafrans under d supervision of d NA aimed at depopulating, & weaken d north, to pave way for easy disintegration of Nig in. 2015. All d world intelligence communities & Nigerian intelligent services are all aware.