Biden a ‘dumb son of a b*tch’ – Trump

Lazy eyes listen


Former US President Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Saturday, calling his successor “the most corrupt president in American history.”

“We have someone who isn’t at the top of his game,” Trump said of Biden in front of a raucous audience at the Erie Insurance Arena. “He was never at the top of his game.” We have a person who is a b*tch’s foolish son.”

Trump, the Republican favorite to face anticipated Democratic nominee Biden in next year’s US presidential election, also used the platform to rail against many legal concerns in which he remains embroiled.

A federal indictment is scheduled for next May, in which he will face charges linked to allegations that he illegally retained secret government information at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Trump is also expected to face another federal charge, this time for his suspected role in the January 6, 2021 rioting at the US Capitol.

“They waited two and a half, almost three years, so they could bring this up right in the middle of my presidential election because it’s election interference,” Trump explained. “They’re not indicting me; they’re indicting you,” he added. “I just happen to be in their way.”

Trump reserved some venomous language for his Republican opponent Ron DeSantis, referring to the Florida governor as a “son of a b*tch,” and claiming that money contributions to his Republican opponents only help Biden’s re-election campaign.

Trump also appeared to compliment a number of unnamed foreign leaders as “very street-smart” individuals who “know what they’re doing” and are “at the top of their game.”

Throughout his lengthy speech, Trump implied that the United States no longer has a free and fair press system, comparing media coverage of his legal difficulties to the “Biden crime family’s corrupt business dealings.”

“Fake news is all you get,” Trump addressed the crowd. “They refuse to discuss the Biden crime family, but they enjoy covering the false indictments of Donald Trump, who has done nothing wrong.”

In the 2016 presidential election, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by just over 42,000 votes in Pennsylvania. The triumph in the battleground state for the former real estate magnate turned reality TV celebrity was critical to his election success.