Bomb Blast Hits Shopping Mall In Abuja – Banex Plaza in Wuse II

  • At least 21 killed

June 25, 2014

A bomb blast has hit popular Abuja shopping complex Banex Plaza in Wuse II area of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Eyewitnesses said there are body parts scattered around the scene of the blast.

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National Emergency Management Agency say they are unable to confirm the casualty rate just yet. Sani Batti, the agency’s information officer said emergency workers are still conducting search and rescue.


The fire has been put out. Rescue workers are now searching the shops. Witnesses say some traders are trapped in their shops.


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Soldiers block off the area. More fire service officials arrive. More ambulances too. Traders say the explosion was a car bomb at the gate of the plaza. Bodies of injured are being taken to hospitals.


Emergency officials are evacuating victims to the nearby Maitama District Hospital.
Our reporter at the Maitama general hospital said at least six  victims have been confirmed dead and taken to the morgue. She has also counted about 17 injured victims that have so far been brought in, including a white man with a broken leg.


Emergency officials arrived without adequate material. “Tell Joseph to come with enough dead body bags,” an emergency official tells colleagues. Soldiers arrived in large numbers. Clearing the place. Traders in tears.


Fire Service have arrived the scene of the blast. There are frantic attempts to extinguish the burning cars. Traders in the plaza said the blast apparently went off in a car that was driving into the mall.