Borno Youth Demand Sheriff Pays Back Campaign Money

Modu Sheriff, implicated
by Augustine Osayande

Abuja – The Borno Youth Vanguard, a socio-political youth group, has demanded that former governor of the state, Ali Modu Sheriff, repay US$6 million he reportedly received from outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign fund after the incumbent lost in Borno.

According to officials from the youth group, Sherriff had promised to help Jonathan’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) win in the state, seen as an All Progressives Congress stronghold, during the just-ended elections.

APC defeated PDP convincing in the terror-prone state, amassing 472 543 votes to 25 640.

“Since Senator Sheriff has committed himself that he should be held responsible for not delivering Borno to President, Goodluck Jonathan, we call on him to refund $6 million dollars collected from the President to deliver Borno to PDP. We have incontrovertible evidence that the money was not used, neither was it delivered to the PDP in Borno State hence the dismal performance of the party in the presidential election,” Vanguard chairman of the group Ibrahim Kaga and secretary, Moses Thiiza, said.

They added that rather than appealing to the people of Borno to vote for Jonathan, the former governor provoked them by his “greed.”

“The most annoying thing was that the numerous widows and orphans who need money were left uncatered for by Sheriff and the displeasure of people of Borno was shown in a protest vote which left the PDP with less than 5 percent of the vote cast.”

The group meanwhile blamed the dismal performance of Jonathan at the weekend’s election in the North to his political allies from the region.

“Despite receiving money to mobilize their people to vote for the outgoing president, many of these leaders went to bed with the loots in their kitty.”

While they did not name the alleged culprits, Sheriff could not be reached to comment.

– CAJ News