BREAKING: Izala Sheikh Dr. Alhassan Sa’id Adam Jos Is Dead


The death and burial have been reported of prominent Sheikh Dr. Alhassan Sa’id Adam Jos. He was a prominent member of Jama’atu Izalatul bid’ah wa’iqamatus sunnah, aka Izala group and the leader of the group’s Kaduna faction.

He passed in the hospital and has been buried today around 11:00 am in the morning in front of his home mosque in the city of Jos. He was 61 years old.

Dr. Alhassan Sa’id Adam Jos had a PHD from the Usumanu Dan Fodio University, Sokoto and was the director of Izala/JIBWIS education department. He is survived by six children: (1) Abdulbasid Alhassan Sa’id (2) Mubarak Alhassan Sa’id (3) Adda’u Alhassan Sa’id (4) Mujahid Alhassan Sa’id (5) Najib Alhassan Sa’id (6) Hamza Alhassan Sa’id

His death announced in Hausa:


Allah ya yiwa daya daga cikin manyan malaman kasar nan Sheikh Dr. Alhassan Sa’id Adam Jos rasuwa yanzunnan a wani asibiti dake kano.

Za’ayi jana’izar sa da misalin karfe 11:00am na safe a masallacin kofar gidansa dake birnin Jos kamar yadda shugaban kungiyar Izala ta kasa Sheikh Abdullahi Bala Lau ya sanar damu.

Allah ya gafarta masa. Amin.

Daga Ibrahim Baba Suleiman

Video of late Sheikh

Late Sheikh Alhassan Said Jos Explains How He Succeeded Dr Gumi

Just like you said, an interview was held before Dr Ahmad came to Nigeria to start the Ramadan Tafsir. He was called on the phone and the speaker was put on and he was asked questions. The late Jafaar Adam, Malam Isiaka Yunus and I, were physically interviewed and at the end of the exercise, Dr Ahmad came first while I came second and Jaafar came third. The late Sultan Muhammad Maccido wrote to tell me that I was Dr Ahmad’s deputy and since he started the yearly Tafsir, I have consistently been coming for the opening and closing sessions. Significantly, we have been friends since our student days in Saudi Arabia. He used to visit me in Medina and I used to go to Mecca to see him because we attended different universities. However, he was unable to make it to the country this year because of what happened. To answer your question, I’m ready to face another interview if the need arises; if a committee wants to scrutinise my claims to Islamic knowledge, I will be ready to present my papers to it. Read full