Why Did Buhari Raise Atiku Up?

Atiku on left


It is baffling why Buhari will go all out to improve Atiku’s credibility. Persecution is always an invaluable tool to improve electability. Atiku was doing fine by himself, with his record too crooked to be electable and then suddenly he perhaps purposely pushed Buhari’s buttons and Buhari raised him up.

The recent glaring hounding of Atiku and his business interests have fulfilled only one thing: helping Atiku look better. Now Atiku can play the victim card and garner sympathy from desperate Nigerians.

Does Buhari not know and do his advisers not tell him that Atiku amassed too much and that these flimsy mechanisms can barely scratch his surface?

While it has been interesting to realize that Buhari actually knows how to go after the interests and ill-gotten assets of the cabal; that he could only do so when the cabal challenged his reelection is shameful to say the least. Buhari wined and dined with Atiku for all of the last two-plus years; he even sent Atiku as his ambassador to lobby Zuma in 2015 and recently to the south east. Did Buhari not know that Atiku was an implicated and indicted looter at the time (as exposed by former president Obasanjo)? Clearly it was only when Atiku openly declared for the presidency that Buhari realized that he should be pursued. Oh how I wish the Dangotes and other cabal will also run for president so Buhari can persecute them too.

So far we see all the corrupt cabal embracing and being embraced by Buhari and the APC and the names of those who returned a fraction of their loot, being jealously protected by Buhari.

We @CabalMustGo have however taken a page from Buhari’s book. In 2019 when we take over, we will use the same system Buhari deployed on Atiku  to shut down corruptly acquired assets of all cabal in the oPDP and nPDP(APC) parties and those of their private sector friends. A little while Nigeria and corruption will finally be stealing.

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