A Call to Order on Babagana Musa – Chairman Inter-Party Advisory Council

By Comr. Shettima Umar,
Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, Borno State

Recently, The Borno state chapter of the Inter-Party Advisory Council
on Thursday called for the postponement of the reschedule elections in
the state by five months which we all believed is done only on the
basis of political illiteracy by Political Sycophant.

Though, I don’t normally respond to such bench warmers whose interest
is just to downgrade the level of Democracy in a particular region,
Borno to be precise for now.

Babagana Musa, who I believed was strongly sponsored to organized such
unreasonable Press conference to address INEC to shift the rescheduled
date for the 2015 General Election in Borno State on the ground fact
which I believed are all baseless.

Some dull political parties who names only appear on papers signed the
agreement notice for the postponement of the Election just because
they were feed up with some little amount of peanuts.

I wished to call Babagana Musa who happens to be the Chairman
Inter-Party Advisory Council, Borno State Chapter to kindly respect
him self and ignore such an unreasonable Political thought.

Perhaps, we even know who pays their Head office yearly rent.

The pro-claimed 23 Parties who signed the agreement are pure money
mongers who can not even afford to print out Posters for their
respective positions they are contesting.

The only place you see their actions are just Photocopy of their
posters which is only pasted on their respective house doors

Therefore, I want to urge INEC to ignore such child play and proceed
to the battle field.

ELECTION MUST HOLD IN BORNO because it is our constitutional right and
we MUST undergo the Process In Sha Allah