Can PDP Make It In Katsina? by Mustapha Kabir Musa

Ibrahim Shema

by Mustapha Kabir Musa

People Democratic Party (PDP) is a party that has been rejected by God and whose leaders are suffering God’s judgement for their unjust, gluttonous, wicked, foul and evil ways – Femi Fani-Kayode.

After the demise of late Umar Musa Yaradua (May he continue to rest in peace), it became obvious that Katsina state Government was not in good terms with some of the late president’s political crew and this caused factions with the ruling party and people of the state. Where many of the party’s supporters defunct to opposition parties. Some of
them include; Alhaji Mustapha Inuwa, Alhaji Bala Saulawa and  Alhaji Umar Abdullahi Tsauri (TaTa) among others. Umar Tsauri who recently defunct to APGA saying that his choice of APGA as the political party is to actualise his 2015 Katsina Project. The philanthropist who added that he have never for the four years he was in PDP knew any of its good sides, assuming it had any. He also said  PDP is the only party that takes and never gives, hurts and never heals and kills and never mends! He also added that his decision to leave PDP was long foretold he only delayed it. The politician with millions of supporters, also added; “I can’t be in a field for over three years and fall behind someone who just came in when it was convenient, my project is not about what i will get but what i will give and how to give it”.

Currently, PDP in the state have loose more than two-third of its supporters. Last Month, the state governor was seen speaking to PDP supporters in a video where he called on to hit opponents (Opposition party’s supporters) like cockroaches. This also slash many of the party’s supporters and  as a leader such words can bring about conflicts among youths and other people of the state as seen on the video. Still on the road to 2015 general election, It was very unfortunate that the same Governor Shema few days ago, after the PDP governorship primaries, which was said to be PDP governorship appointment. Because all of the eight out of the nine aspirants were not convinced and happy with the decision of the primaries. Although the aspirants declined to speak to journalists, one of them was heard
saying the whole exercise was a charade riddled with flaggrant abuse of the party’s guidelines and the provision of the electoral act.

The Governor who said his successor Engr. Nashuni emerge as the winner of the primaries. where some of the contestants described Engr. Nashuni’s victory as shema’s choice and this pitched the other aspirants against the party’s leadership adding that Musa Nashuni is unpopular to most people in the state. In a speech by the Governor after the appointment of Egnr. Nashuni as the PDP governorship candidate of the state. The Governor described Engr. Nashuni’s  victor as a miracle from God. Adding that, Even the Holy Book says “after Ibrahim then Musa” according to him. Meaning; Ibrahim shema will leave and Musa Nashuni will take his place in katsina state. This statement made by the Governor is a SIN. The surah which the Governor have mentioned (Surah Al A’alah) verse nineteen says; “Suhufi Ibraaheema wa Moosa” The translation of the verse is “The scriptures of Abraham and Moses.”

NOT “after Ibrahim then Musa”.Therefore, I urge Governor Shema to repent from his misdeeds as he roundup his governorship tenure. Because Qur’an and Hadith repeatedly mention and emphasize the act of atoning for one’s misdeeds, tawba is of immense importance in Islamic tradition and for a Muslim, it is regarded as a major gateway to rectifying his life. Equally, I  urge our traditional rulers/Leader and Islamic scholars to be preaching/briefing people on whom to vote as a leader and to always say the truth about our political leaders,
regardless of their ranks and their positions in Government because they will all account for it on the day of judgment. And for my fellow youths, Let us discard the habit of low expectations of ourselves as well as of our leaders. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future. Let us vote out leaders that are not Religiously sound.

Let us vote out leaders with  improper utilization of funds, Let us vote out leaders that  award contracts for building new school blocks while the existing ones are lacking adequate teachers, Let us vote out leaders that don’t care about youth empowerments, Let us vote out Leaders that retained pension allowance of innocent people just because some of them defunct to opposition parties, Let’s vote out leaders that award multi billion Naira contracts just to fill their pockets.

The challenge is great the goal is clear and the time is now.

By: Comrade Mustapha Kabir Musa
Katsina LGA, Katsina State
Twitter @mustykabir