Civil Rights Advocate, #BBOG, “Change” Champion Elvis Iyorngurum Is No More


Elvis is no more. Many of us are in tears…with swollen eyes I write this tribute. Prominent civil rights advocate, a Bring Back Our Girls staunch activist who sat almost every evening at Abuja Unity fountain.

He passed this evening at a hospital in his hometown of Benue state from an illness that unfortunately turned south.

A determined ordinary yet not in any way ordinary Nigerian whose writings in more ways than can be expressed, helped bring the “Change” we have today. A brave compatriot, soldier, brother and friend who I met personally for the first time this June in Abuja and we looked at each other and embraced with mutual respect as brothers in the struggle. A guy very noticeable with his trade-mark large Afro hairstyle, we stood up together to #UndressNASS in Abuja and bring change and transparency to the Senate. Elvis Iyorngurum is no more! No title, no burial, no honor, no tribute can befittingly capture the departure of a soldier and proper human being like him.

elvis undress nass

Elvis first came to our notice as I recollect, when he penned an article exposing the alleged airlift of former CDS Alex Badeh’s family from Boko Haram/Daesh overridden Mubi last year. “The Helicopters That Evacuated CDS Badeh’s Family From Mubi: A Lesson For All Nigerians.” When we found the article on his faceBook page and published it, it immediately went viral. Not long after headlines had it that he was receiving death threats for the article.

elvis page

A now famous Elvis went on to pen several serious reads that touched the soul of the Nigerian struggle for independence from the corrupt cabal and some 30 odd years of conscience and intellect-less-governance, regression. Some of his titles are:

Nigeria Must Honour Guard That Averted Bomb Blast In Jos Church
Buhari Has Our Mandate, Not The Right To Forgive Jonathan
The Only Hope I Know
How APC Is Not A Political Party
We Are Made Of More; An Amazing Nigerian Story
National Alert: Nigeria Is Broke!
2015 Is Not About Buhari Or Jonathan
Those Who Support This Killer Government Have Sold Their Souls To The Devil

A pillar of the Bring Back Our Girls Abuja family, I wondered seeing Elvis’ commitment, how with his sincere and devoted activism and advocacy, he managed to feed and survive. It has been the story of many Nigerians who have fought hard for change in the nation and remained sidelined and un-commemorated. It is the story of Nigeria’s many true heroes.

I will never forget Elvis.

ENDS will never forget you, Elvis.

The Chibok girls will never forget you, Elvis.

Nigeria will never forget you Elvis.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian