Dino Melaye Crowns Jonathan and Diezani World King And Queen of Corruption Respectively

Jonathan and Diezani, the 'oil godess', Diezani is sister to Jonathan's concubine/ baby mama and also hails from the Niger Delta

Fellow citizens,

I address you once again in the course of our nation’s history. I am disillusioned, disenchanted, disturbed and disorganized by the magnitude and intensity of corruption exhibited by the Jonathan’s administration.

I am bold to say without reservations that the government of Gooduck Ebele Jonathan is the most corrupt in the history of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I give you reasons why any Nigeria who has got blood flowing through his veins and not kerosene should not commit the satanic sacrilege of voting for Jonathan or the PDP.

dino-melayeThese economic cankaworms, financial scavengers and national devourers have succeeded in rewinding our national life by 20 years. The anointing of Diezani Alison Madueke (Minister Of Petroleum) by president Jonathan as the untouchable, uncrowned Prime Minister of Nigeria elucidates the degree of the looting of national treasury. This messenger of Mr president (Deziani) has been indicted by six(6) reports namely:

1- The Farouk Lawal Report
2- The Senate Report on Subsidy
3- KPMG Report on the oil sector
4- The Aik Imuokhode Report
5- The Ribadu Report
6- The NEITI Report

Despite all these indictments, the darling favourite of Mr president is every Wednesday immaculately attired and cosmopolitantly fashioned in DIAMONDS attending the Federal Executive Council Meeting under the watchful eyes of an unperturbed and conquered president.

Suffice me therefore to explain why the almighty petroleum ministry under Jonathan have neither minister of state or Special Adviser. FCT ministry as small as it is have a Minister of State. The same petroleum ministry under president Obasanjo had four(4) ministers namely:

The substantive Minister, the Minister of State, Minister of State Gas and Minister of State Energy. Yet with a special Adviser ( Late Alhaji Rilwan Lukman) today, Deziani is the alfa and omega in the petroleum industry and the national treasurer of PDP and the presidential campaign.

Now with this massive irredeemable and record breaking looting of our common patrimony, who ia that sane Nigerian who support a man who on national TV defended his demented proposition that stealing is not corruption? Nigerians must come out of their gullible cocoons and operate in an active mileau.

Say NO to the man who meet dollar at #119 and today is #225. Vote out the man who petrol at #65 and is today sold for over #90. Resist the party that says 16 is great than 19.

Sweep out the man who granted clemency to corrupt Nigerians and villified the honest. In 2010, lagos-Abuja by air is #15,000, today is #35,000 by Arik.

Femi Fanikayode, Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe should all learn from the experience of Labaran Maku. No amount of pacakaging, window dressing, boju-boju and bolekaja politics will redeem or sell rotten eggs.

Good rediance to bad rubbish. Mr president, Otuoke by road, safe journey. – Otunba Dino Melaye.