Dirty Lifestyle Of Saudi Prince Al Walid bin Tallal; 5th Richest Man [Video]

Dec. 1, 2013

NewsRescue– In the video, every rule Saudi Arabia is known for, of women wearing the veil and of separating men from women is violated by this Saudi prince, right in the kingdom.

His staff are seen with their hair all over the place in his office and palace. he actually discouraged wearing the veil when the investigator came to film him. The hypocrisy is shocking, in a kingdom where women are beaten and jailed for not covering up, there is such a double standard exhibited by its royals.

Prince Walid according to the video has the tallest building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and there the women are all dressed in pants, shirts like men, something abhorred in conservative Islam, and they are without veils.

Saudi Arabia’s royals have been described to be of Jewish heritage and accused of supporting terrorism world wide with the wealth of the people.

NewsRescue commentators describe the regime’s rule as akin to “Animal farm,” where some are more equal to others. There should be no double standard. If God’s law is respected and the standard under the regime, it should be so with the masses as with the monarchs.