DOCUMENT: Reviewing Buhari’s Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Report


In light of Buhari’s worsening medical conditions, now under chemotherapy regimens and awaiting transplant for metastatic disease to his kidneys and liver, as sources indicate; with the sworn secrecy from government officials, Nigerians are able to review the President’s 2014 medical reports from ABU Teaching Hospital.

The diagnosis was “prostatic intra-epithelial neoplasia secondary to prostate cancer.”

“Pathology tissue biopsy was involved in the diagnosis that produced the results.”

Buhari had been previously treated surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia (swelling).

In lieu of the above diagnosis, it would have been illegal and quite unfair to say the least for Buhari to contest presidency of Nigeria without disclosing such a chronic and terminal illness.

The president slumped several times in Aso rock before being rushed out of Nigeria and has requested indefinite leave to address his medical condition. This while his family, friends and Nigerians seek God’s intervention in Saudi Arabia, Churches and Mosques.

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