#Ebola Curtailed: With Prayers Nigeria Got it Right This Time

by Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari Katsina

It was certified by the World Health Organization on the 24 of this month, that Nigeria and Senegal had successfully curtailed the Ebola threat that killed 12 and 1 in the countries respectively.

Ebola, a virus that first appeared in Congo in the 1970s has now reached West Africa and is wrecking havoc to the population.

There has been relief to all Nigerians and there should be a thanks giving day as the virus deprives our fundamental human rights (section 33 to 42), especially our right to religion for those that are mandated to shake hands, and right to freedom of peaceful association and assembly which is section 38 and 40 of the Nigerian constitution as amended.

For those over 20 that were quarantined, the virus also deprived them of their right to free movement and right to correspondence, since they were locked up; not to forget their right to personal liberty which is section 41, 37 and 35 respectively.

Some paid the ultimate price. The virus deprived them of their first fundamental right, right to life which is section 33 of the 1999 constitution.
With all the said violations of rights of Nigerians, if I am a judge, the following will be my sentence.

Ebola virus, you have been accused of causing death, breaching of fundamental human rights of Nigerians, and causing chaos across Nigeria.(Till the last possible alleged crime). You have been found guilty of murder which is culpable homicide which is contrary to section 229 of the criminal code.

You also violated section 30 to 41 of the Nigerian constitution. You are here by sentenced to death by burning and your ashes shall be poured in the deep ocean, never to return to Nigeria.

The federal government set aside 1.9 billon to fight the virus. Whether the money was spent well or not, all thanks be to God who has ended the virus.

The drugs for the virus shall be made affordable and accessible to the masses. More and more research should be conducted so as to permanently secure Nigeria from this deadly virus that kilsl people in no time.

Now what is needed to be done is to secure or borders and route of entries well. Nigerians must find a safe alternative to this bush meat. Nigerians must envibe the culture of hygienic environment.

Nigeria has witnessed a lot of epidemics in the past. Cholera epidemic in 1973, 1984-85, 2002, 2012 and now; the Polio virus in
2010. Meningitis in the 1990s etc. We should take adequate measures and remain in prayers so that the Ebola virus will
never come back to Nigeria.

Our attitude to life must also change for Nigeria to be a better place. Our sentiments to nature must change positively. That is
imperative for our aspirations for a better Nigeria – a better life.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari Katsina
Katsina local government council
Katsina state.