FACT CHECK: EFCC Boss Magu Lives In $65,000/Year Rented Apartment and More, Confirmed In DSS Report

Ibrahim Magu


A ‘damning’ report by the Department of State Security, SSS, detailing a corrupt and opulent lifestyle of EFCC boss Magu yet to be released to the public appears to have some juicy points.

PremiumTimes ‘fact-checked’ the report and though attempting to defend the commission boss, the few details it confirmed were controversial at the least.

ALLEGATION ONE: That during the tenure of Farida Waziri as EFCC chairperson, sensitive documents were found in Mr. Magu’s home.

PremiumTimes confirmed that Magu took EFCC documents to his house.

By his own self admission:

“I wish to state that the nature of my assignment at the EFCC is such that I worked round the clock and it was impossible for me to do my work effectively without working on some documents at home,” he wrote to Mr. Okiro at the time. “This is the reason I maintain an office bag where documents relating to investigations were kept. The documents listed were found in my office bag which I was in the process of handing over and were not found hidden anywhere in my house.”

There is no question that this is a blunt violation of national security laws. All official documents must be kept in the office at all times. Taking documents home is not only a pathway to twist and manipulate these documents but also puts the documents at risk of loss. Family members can access the documents as can thieves. The documents which may be legal tenders are also exposed to the press and public by taking them home which may severely violate the rights of the individuals mentioned in them. Even copies of documents should not be taken home except at the greatest necessity.

ALLEGATION TWO: That Mr. Magu currently occupies a residence rented for N40 million at N20 million per annum. This accommodation was not paid [for] from the commission’s (EFCC) finances, but by one Umar Mohammed, air commodore retired.

PremiumTimes found the accommodation was paid for by the Federal Capital Development Administration at a whopping sum of N39.628 million as payment for two-year rent and furnishing of the property, located in upscale Maitama district of Abuja. PremiumTimes however contested that Umar did not pay for it.

Commodore Umar
Commodore Umar

MetroWatch reported this July:

It was also gathered that the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) in its bid to provide a befitting comfort for the EFCC’s acting chair, allegedly paid Africa Energy, a company owned by the same Umar, to furnish the property at a staggering sum of N43m.

The property, located in highbrow Maitama Area of Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital, belonged to the late former Director-General of National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Prof. Dora Akunyili. 

ALLEGATION 3: That the acting EFCC chairman regularly embarked on official and private trips through a private jet owned by embattled Air Commodore Mohammed Umar (Rtd).

PremiumTimes confirmed at least one trip the EFCC boss traveled in the corrupt and indicted cabal’s private jet in a return trip from Kano. Mr. Umar at the time was Mr. Magu’s colleague at the presidential committee, the paper reported.

ALLEGATION 4: On 24 June 2016, he (Magu) flew Emirate Airlines first-class to Saudi Arabia to perform lesser hajj at the cost of N2.9mThis is in spite of Mr. President’s directive to all public servants to fly economy class.

PremiumTimes confirmed Magu flew first class to Saudi Arabia but was unable to determine who paid for the flight.