Elections: Nuhu Ribadu’s Elder Brother, “Change” Youth Clash In Adamawa


In continuation of earlier reports of the battle for Adamawa state, with the PDP aggressively bribing and buying voters across the state a N10,000 a piece as we earlier reported; the elder brother of gubernatorial candidate Nuhu Ribadu has now clashed with pro-opposition youth in the state.

Our reporters found that Ribadu unsure of delivering his ward, Bako which he failed to deliver last election had delivery teams go out to houses to offer the N10,000 bribe for whoever will swear on the Quran or Bible as applies to vote for PDP. We had reported yesterday that the Ribadu team has acquired the INEC official voters register for the state and has been sending out teams house-to-house to bribe the populace to vote for Jonathan and Ribadu.

Nuhu Ribadu


Bashir Suleiman, the 60+ year old elder brother of Nuhu Ribadu was sending the team members to houses in their ward when the youth resisted and said they were only going to vote Buhari and he should take his money away and stop wasting his time.

To further frustrate Nuhu’s elder brother, who is the chairman of Jamatul Nasirual Islam group, Adamawa state, the youth decided to paste Buhari flyers all over Bako, the Ribadu ward.

The gubernatorial aspirants elder brother came out and personally started removing the flyers. The youth next took ropes and hung up the Buhari/Osinbajo posters on trees. Nuhu Ribadu’s big brother refused to give up and used sticks to start pulling them down. The intervention of police ended the fracas.

It is believed that since Nuhu Ribadu could not deliver his war when he contested for presidency last season, with Buhari leading the ward, he may not even vote at the Aliyu Mustapha school where he did last time but appears to be moving out.

Uncollected PVCs being bought by PDP
Uncollected PVCs being bought by PDP