EVIL TIMES: “FG, Northern Elders are playing soccer with lives of Nigerians” – Igbo Youth Movement

igbo_200_194The Igbo Youth Movement, IYM, on Saturday, said insurgency has assumed a dangerous proportion in Nigeria.

The group in a statement made available to DailyPost in Enugu said with the successful capturing of the Police College in Borno State by the terrorists, it was now clear that evil times had finally arrived in the country.

The statement signed by its founder and national President, Evangelist. Eliot Ukoh, read in parts, “Now that Boko Haram has sacked a police station and two communities in the North-East and successfully hoisted their flags, it has become clear to all that the ISIS expansion in Iraq is about to be replicated here, if the Federal Government does not wake up to the reality that evil times have finally arrived in Nigeria.

“A pity, we have a president who does not want to be blackmailed that he uses excessive force, who told us he is not a lion and who has watched this sustained madness for more than two years now, with only limited successes on the part of the Armed forces.

“How come Northern leaders who inspired it, are all pretending Boko Haram fell from the sky. How come regional Champions only use the Boko Haram madness as a political weapon to indict the FG while no one is bothered that Nigeria has joined Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq etc as potential failed states.

“Why should the FG, the opposition and Northern Elders Forum choose to play soccer with the lives and livelihood of millions of Nigerians, while nobody has seen any indication of any end in sight to this madness”.

Eliot, who is also the Deputy Secretary, Igbo Leaders of Thought added that, “as long as the FG remain unwilling to use the needed force (for fear of Amnesty international and other waiting blackmailers) Boko Haram would continue to wax stronger and bolder. As long as northern elders’ only area of interest is how to use the Boko Haram madness to stop Mr. President’s re-election, then we may be drifting deeper into the bigger trouble.

“Extremist religious teaching inspired intolerance which gave birth to Boko Haram. Have those involved come to terms with that reality? Are the traditional, religious and political leaders of the affected zone doing all to ensure that the bitch which gave birth to Boko Haram does not go into heat again. Rescuing the Chibok girls is the constant prayer of every Nigerian except of course the sadists, anarchists and those who sympathizes with Boko Haram, but bringing the girls home does not bring to an end, the perverted religious ideology, the bigotry and the ignorance that produced this monster.

“When will Nigerians look beyond the rescue of the Chibok girls and genuinely offer advice to FG on how the twisted mentality and intolerance that produced this monster can be checked to avoid the manufacturing of similar groups.

“Playing politics with this quite unfortunate evil development is both heartless and suspicious. Those who issue ultimatums on re-election based on the rescue of the Chibok girls, do they know a thing or two about the formation and nurturing of Boko Haram? Why would anybody play 2015 politics with this very bloody and despicable evil campaign? Nigerians wonder why some people are only interested in 2015 presidential elections while the very foundation of the nation’s unity is being attacked ferociously everyday by Boko Haram.

“Well meaning Nigerians had expected an aggressive intellectual campaign by the leaders of the affected zone to address the root causes of this scourge. Nigerians assumed that by now, all hands would have been on deck to identify and take on the social, cultural, religious and economic conditions that produced this monster. The very heart touching decision by the parents of the Chibok girls to sacrifice their daughters as long as it would bring the insurgency to an end, though a huge sacrifice, will not necessarily solve the problem if we continue to live in denial of the need to once and for all address issues like intolerance, religious bigotry, appliance of strict religious codes in a secular society like ours.