Fani-Kayode Plays Biafra Fiddle To Punch Buhari


Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode has again played the Biafra fiddle in attempt to intimidate the Nigerian President. In his latest article, “President Buhari’s Media chat and the words of tyrant — Fani-Kayode” the minister said, “Mr. President I wish to remind you that it is an incontrovertible fact that in just seven months your government has succeeded in marginalizing the Igbo more than any other Federal Government in living memory and certainly since the civil war..

It was his only punchline.

Basically what is happening is that as Fani-Kayode seeks ways to threaten the Presidency of comeuppance for its “tyrant” actions, the former minister lacks the temerity to initiate or suggest an initiation of the so-called “rebellion” from within his ranks, and sees the recent Radio Biafra agitation as the only available canister to refer to in his ministering.

To this effect, the former minister in his article published on the Vanguard alleged that “Buhari had marginalised the Igbo in the past 7 months more than ever before in history.” A bold-faced lie, simply to keep fanning the dying embers of the riots for Radio Biafra’s boss, jailed for treason.

While we do acknowledge valid concerns raised in the minister’s article, we in our opinion suggest he develops better and more realistic holistic plans and propositions for “the rebellion,” that could harness agitations of a wider and more real crowd than simply piggybacking on and repeatedly exploiting the recent Igbo youth agitation.