Fashola’s Transfer Of Lagos’ TundeFashola.com Website To Abuja Is Corruption


This is an urgent public announcement. We have been watching for signs that the former Lagos State governor, now Minister Tunde Raji Fashola, would transfer over the use of a property of Lagos State, the TundeFashola.com website to his new job in Abuja.

dangote fashola

We have discovered evidence that the Minister is using this technological property of Lagos state for his new job in Abuja as evidenced by a speech, “Nigerian Pension Industry Strategy Implementation Roadmap Retreat,” posted on January 22nd, 2016 on the Lagosians’ website and also images in his new job posted February 1st on the Lagos owned website. The website is property of Lagos and must only be used by the Lagos State government and for Lagos-related announcements and interests.

fashola gate

We urgently call on the relevant departments of the nation to check on Minister Raji Fashola and his diversion of the technological property of Lagos for his personal professional use. We call on our lawyers to do their due.

TundeFashola.com was built and maintained/upgrades with millions of naira of Lagos’ money. The technological and software platform is the property of Lagos. Minister Tunde Fashola only has the right to go away with his domain name (if he used personal funds to buy it), stripped of software, including apps and servers, which should be transferred back to the Lagos government for use as befits the State.

The poor in slums and evacuated from demolished residences and the thousands of desolate deported from Lagos across Nigeria without care will appreciate their money back to be used on them and their care.

Senator Babafemi Ojudu and Dr Tunji Olowolafe
Senator Babafemi Ojudu and Dr Tunji Olowolafe

Sneaking to steal as much as $350,000 of Lagos’ money and keep as personal property is the type of corruption that has gotten Nigeria where it is and makes us “unwelcome” abroad.

While we may respect minister Fashola for his technocratic skills, we do not as much trust his integrity, and both are needed for governance. The drilling of $400boreholes at a rate of $500,000 each by his friend, Dr. Tunji Olowolafe, and his indignant refusal during screening (I am a lawyer not an accountant) to defend himself from these accusations of gross misappropriation of the type seen snook in the budget today, provides serious reason for anxiety. We are sleeping with our eyes open, watching our purse.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian