My Fears: What I Don’t Want To Happen To My Country – Nasir Lawal Danmowa

Jonathan a robber

May 9, 2014


By Nasir Lawal Danmowa

Perhaps it was not much to others, but so many things to me: for the past 3 days I have lost peace of mind wondering if Nigeria might be the next Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan. May God forbid.

What I’m most afraid revolves around three or four items: do America and France ever come to any African state or any continent and leave it intact and not diminished?

Secondly, how long will America, France, Britain and China stay in Nigeria?

Will they leave my country in peace  or pieces, as they left Libya and Iraq… in which cases, instead of quenching the fire they increased fuel in it?

Are these not the Americans that predicted Nigeria will disintegrate by 2015?

Thirdly, I know my president doesn’t give damn about anything except how to make money for himself and his cabinet, as he always comes out to shield them; will he  not do the same with our security data to these western nations?

I’m really Afraid!

What you failed to provide while you had the chance is what will worry you in the future.

It’s the failure of our government to reduce the level of corruption and secure jobs for our teaming youth, that cause all this daily chaos of Boko-haram in the Northeast, MEND in the south-south, armed robbery in the southwest, “Fulani” uproar in the northwest and in some parts of middle belt and the like.

It’s generally known that this government failed to provide jobs to Nigerians but now it has secured it to the children of Britain, France, China and America.

In Nigeria, for the police force alone we have a short fall of thousands of spaces, as the United Nation s recommends the ratio of police to people to be 1:500; it is due to this short fall that whenever there is an outbreak of crisis or a by-election in one L.G or state, police were usually posted from their schedule of duty to the other place. It is due to this problem that during the visit of Jonathan to Katsina, hundreds of innocent people lost their lives in Faskari Local Govt, as the police that were supposed to protect them and their properties were sent to Katsina to protect the president.

For those that think these countries have come for aid alone, they should be informed that, it’s Nigeria government that will foot this bill: take all their well-being, feeding and allowances through out their stay in our land; these allowance are among the problems that undermine the courage of our native soldiers as ICIR publicized.

These boko-haramists have besieged Nigeria’s Government due to its inability to take the pre-measured military actions as Buhari and Obasanjo advised, on how to curtail these insurgents. It is this advise that brought the initial rift between Obasanjo and President Jonathan after the homage he paid to the families of late Muhammad Yusuf.

Again, it is even more devastating that the Government that has failed to take any tangible action since, has now taken another shape of setting a wasteful committee to look over the matter of the missing girls. Is it after the findings and recommendations of this report that Jonathan’s administration will begin to or not look aster the abducted girls? I sympathize the parents of these 200+ girls, its more pain to miss a child than to have him dead on your hand.

Jonathan you should better know there are many Nigerians that were born in cities, all these committee you are setting one after the other are only to shield your government in the eyes of the illiterates or those born out of the city, but with no intention to act as recommended.

I’m really afraid. May God protect Nigeria and its citizens, and unite us more than during petrol subsidy removal protest.