[FRIDAY SERMON] Antumul Kazzabuuna Ayyuhal Irhaabiyyeen: You Are Liars O You Terrorists! By Imam Murtada Gusau

by Imam Murtada Gusau              

In The Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful

Alhamdulillah. Indeed, all praise is due to Allah. We praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from our wrongdoings. He whom Allah guides, no one can misguide; and he whom He misguides, no one can guide.

I bear witness that there is no (true) god except Allah – alone without a partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (SAW) is His ‘abd’ (servant) and Messenger.

“O you who believe! Revere Allah the right reverence, and do not die except as Muslims.” (Al-Imraan, 3:102)

“O people! Revere your Lord who has created you from a single soul, created from it its mate, and dispersed from both of them many men and women. Revere Allah through whom you demand things From one another; and (cherish the ties of) the wombs. Indeed, Allah is ever-Watchful over you.” (An-Nisaa’, 4:1)

“O you who believe! Revere Allah and say fair words. He will then rectify your deeds and forgive yours sins. He who obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly achieved a great victory.” (Al-Ahzaab, 33:70-71)

Indeed, the best speech is Allah’s (SWT) Book and the best guidance is Muhammad’s (SAW) guidance. The worst affairs (of religion) are those innovated (by people), for every such innovation is an act of misguidance leading to the Fire.

O servants of Allah,

Allah has blessed humanity with this complete religion (Islam), He the Most High who has taken responsibility in preserving this religion from any distortion and any deformation. He made its proofs apparent for everyone to see until the Day of Judgment. His book is the most honourable of all books, His prophet is the most noble from all the prophets, May blessings be upon them all, and His legislation is more complete than any other legislation. A legislation that is suitable for any place and time. It is the true, beautiful and complete religion.

Allah mentions:

“This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you and chosen for you Islam as a religion.”

It is not astonishing to see those who are just and have intellect accepting this religion and giving great concern to it. The fact that this religion is spreading far quicker than any other religion shows how distinct this religion is becoming from the rest of the religions in this time.

It is also not unusual to see the enemies of Islam trying to hinder the people away from the truth. You see them trying their utmost best to block the people from knowing the reality and ruining its image. They chase the people away (from Islam). As what the so called ridiculously named organization called “Global Rally for Humanity”, anti-Muslims conservative group that have planned at least an estimated 20 separate armed anti-Islam rallies at mosques and other sites across  America in this October. The group reportedly has a slogan saying “The World Is Saying No To Islam” just to provoke the Muslims. Such has always been the case in the battle between truth and falsehood. But the truth, peace and guidance will always prevail, just as Allah mentioned:

“They wish to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, and Allah refuses except to establish the light even though the disbelievers dislike it.” 

“It is He Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, that he might cause it to prevail over all religions, even if the polytheists show dislike towards it.”

O servants of Allah,

Indeed the one who is most evil and harmful towards the true religion of Allah (Islam), aiding and helping the enemies of Islam and propagating falsehood against it, is the ignorant and extremist that constantly misguides the Muslims whilst ascribing themselves to Islam. They speak under the banner of Islam, they read the book of Allah (the Quran), and apply some of its rulings. But in actuality they distort the reality of Islam and ruin its true image. They intentionally or unintentionally, chase the people away from Islam with their bad actions. They act without knowledge and carry out matters that are not in accordance to the guidance of the prophet (SAW). They have similarities to those that Allah has mentioned in his book: 

“Say: Shall we inform you of the greatest losers in respect to their deeds, those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds?”

Many a time we find these people distorting and ruining the face of Islam. They take the sub-branches and specific occurrences of our religion out of proportion and they make the small matters of the religion seem greater than it is. They will search the Quran, Sunnah and the biography of the Prophet (SAW) for a particular statement or a specific incident, and then they use what they found as a face for the call of Islam, and to interpret the methodology (of Islam). They don’t choose from the texts except that which goes in accordance to their evil angry ways which consists of: spilling blood, head chopping, terrifying pedestrians and destroying and bombing buildings.

They are the extremity of danger in this our time since some of the people especially the youth are deceived by them because they repeat, ‘Allah said and His Messenger said’ but they do not implement it (with its correct understanding), rather they strike the texts against each other, just as the prophet (SAW) informed, that:

“They recite the Quran but it does not go beyond their throats” and “it does not go beyond their collar bones.”

For that reason I warn against them, their sponsors and from those who invite people to them and those who make excuses for them or are sympathetic to them.

Thanks to the great hero of Islam the late Ahmad Deedat as he said:

“The biggest enemy of Islam is the ignorant Muslim, whose ignorance leads him to intolerance, whose actions destroy the true image of Islam, and when the people look at him they think that Islam is what he is.”

Yes, these are the kinds of stories what we have been reading in terrorists’ writings and on social networking websites, thus our ears have becomes used to hearing this, whether it is over the news or through the propagation and preaching of the extremists, terrorists, the enemies of peace, unity and progress.

This statement that we hear from the self-acclaimed so called “Dawlat al-Islaamiyyah fi al-Iraq wa sh-Shaam (DAESH) or ISIS, IS, ISIL, Boko Haram, Taliban, Al-Qaida, Al-Shabaab, Jama’atu Takfir wal hijrah, Ansaru etc. “I HAVE COME TO SLAUGHTER YOU” or “WE HAVE COME TO SLAUGHTER YOU ALL”, they have spread it like wildfire between the people and have translated this statement into a variety of languages worldwide to an extent that this statement has become glued to the minds of the people, the big and the small, the Muslim and the non Muslim, the just and the enemy of Islam. They wanted to use this as the face of the call of the prophet (SAW) and that which he called to in a false and deceptive manner. To them the ends justify the means, so they make the unlawful matters permissible.

Was this the call of the Prophet (SAW)?

Was his methodology like that which they are claiming?

Was his biography like this?

Is this that which he invited to and gave glad tidings to?

And were these the kinds of statements he used to call out with and say openly; “I HAVE COME TO SLAUGHTER YOU” and WE HAVE COME TO SLAUGHTER YOU ALL”?

O ALLAH! Is this even imaginable that the seal of the prophets would say such a thing. The Imam of all the messengers, the one that Allah (SWT) referred to as:

“And We have not sent you but as a mercy to the worlds.”

Is it possible that these statements would be mentioned by the bearer of good news, the warner and the one who was sent as a light-giving torch, just as the one who is capable of all things (Allah SWT) described him to  be with his statement of clear truth:

“O Prophet! Surely we have sent you as a witness, and as a bearer of good news and as a Warner, and as one inviting to Allah by His permission, and as a light-giving torch. And give to the believers the good news that they shall have a great grace from Allah. And be not compliant to the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and leave unregarded their annoying talk, and rely on Allah; and Allah is sufficient as a Protector.”

GLORY BE TO ALLAH! These verses have summed up the methodology of the Prophet (SAW) in his call altogether, from the start of his call all the way till the end. These verses that have just been mentioned from the chapter of Al ahzaab is from the chapters that where revealed in Madina, and this has been unanimously agreed. Meaning that this chapter came in Madina while the Muslims had power and had already established a government. After all this, Allah still commands his prophet (SAW):

“And do not follow the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and leave their annoying talk, and rely on Allah; and Allah is sufficient as a protector.” 

Allah never told him to SLAUGHTER THEM! Nor did he say to threaten them and to say “I HAVE COME TO SLAUGHTER YOU ALL”.

We have come to know from the biography of the prophet (SAW) and from the authentic narrations that he used to say to the people:

“Say la ilaha illallah and you will become successful.”

We know with certainty that the Prophet (SAW) conquered Makkah, after all those years in which he was oppressed and harmed by the Quraish, they forced him and his companions out of their homes in Makkah, they took all of their wealth, and a group of honourable people who were beloved to him were killed, such as his uncle Hamza may Allah be pleased with him, and despite all of this, Allah was truthful in his promise. He aided his servant, honoured his army, and blessed them with the conquest of Makkah whilst in a state of honour.

What did the prophet (SAW) do?

Did he start calling out openly: “I HAVE COME TO SLAUGHTER YOU?”

And this was the most suitable and best time to slaughter them, bearing in mind he just gained strength and power, he was just given victory (by Allah), (it was the perfect opportunity) to take revenge from those who oppressed and violated against him. They took him out of his city and waged war against his call and his religion. But what did the Prophet of mercy (SAW) do? He made the people of Makkah feel secure and safe and he commanded (those with him) to call out and say:

“Whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan shall be safe. Whoever locks his door shall be safe. Whoever remains in the mosque shall be safe.”

The people then safely departed to their houses and went into the masjid feeling content. There was no slaughtering, there were no heads being chopped off and neither bombings nor corruption and mischief caused upon the earth. So where did these extreme radicals and nonsense terrorists get this statement from?

What is the story behind this statement that has been made famous by those who cause corruption and mischief upon the earth, from the khawaarij, terrorists and extremists of this time?

Either this statement is a lie, a calumny or fabrication against the Prophet of mercy (SAW) because the Quran, Sunnah and history negate this kind of behaviour altogether, or there is a specific reason behind this statement when it was said, or it had happened in a rare situation, so these people, these cowards, terrorists came and distorted its correct meaning and took it out of context by using it in its incorrect place.

Those whose hearts have dried and become hard are the quickest when it comes distorting the reality as Allah says:

“We made their hearts hard; they distorted the words from their correct places.”

Listen O servants of Allah to the story of how this statement came about.

This incident was reported by Imam Ahmad, Ibn Hibban and other than them, on the authority of Urwa Ibn Zubair, he said that he mentioned to Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Aas:

“What is the worst incident of aggression and hostility that you saw on the part of Quraish towards the messenger of Allah?” [The taabi’i Imam Urwa Ibn Zubair is asking his sheikh, the tremendous companion Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Aas may Allah be pleased with them both, about the worst incident of aggression that Quraish aimed at the prophet (SAW), so Abdullah replied back to him and says]: I was present when their prominent figures met together in Al-Hijr (meaning that the heads of Quraish where sitting at the ka’abah). I was present when their prominent figures met together one day in al-Hijr. They talked about the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), and they said: We have never put up with anything like that with which we are putting up with from this man. He accused us of being fools, slandered our forefathers, criticized our religion, divided us and reviled our gods, and the matter has become very serious – or words to that effect. Whilst they were like that, the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) came walking until he touched the corner (of the ka’abah, where the Black Stone is), (meaning the prophet (SAW) came to circumambulate the ka’abah, he touched the pillar, i.e. the black stone). Then he passed them as he circumambulated the ka’abah. When he passed by them they made fun of some of the words he was saying (meaning they mocked, abused, insulted and embarrassed the Prophet (SAW)), and these are the kinds of actions the stubborn and arrogant carry out, as Allah mentioned:

“Surely they who committed crimes used to laugh at those believe. And when they passed by them, they winked at one another.”

Abdullah then said “I could see from his face that it caused him pain” [meaning, he became affected by that which they were saying]. The statements they were saying hurt the prophet (SAW) and made him feel bad. As we know the Prophet (SAW) is a human being and he is bound to get affected from that which he hears. Allah says:

“We know indeed that what they say certainly grieves you, but surely they do not call you a liar; but the unjust, criminals deny the verses of Allah.”

And after this Abdullah said “that the prophet (SAW) moved on [meaning he carried on circumambulating the ka’abah] when he passed them the second time, they made fun of him in the same manner, and I could see from his face that it caused him pain. Then he moved on, then when he passed by them the third time, they made fun of him like they did previously. [Meaning the prophet (SAW) circumambulated the ka’abah three times, and every time he passed those that were sitting from amongst the Devils of the Quraish, they mocked him, embarrassed him and wound him up]. But he (the Prophet (SAW)) was persistent upon his patience and carried on going around the ka’abah. And a common statement that is normally said is that “patience has limits.” The prophet (SAW) had to reply back to the Quraish and silence them (due to their manipulating statements). So what did the prophet (SAW) do when he stood in front of them? He said, “Listen to me, O Quraish! By the one in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, I have come to slaughter you.”  The people were so shocked that each man among them froze, as if there was a bird on his head, and those who had spoken most harshly to him before that began speaking to him with the kindest words, saying: “Leave us, O Abul Qaasim, for by Allah you have never been an ignorant man.” 

My respected people,

This is how this hadith was reported in the books of Ahaadith, it doesn’t indicate that the prophet used to (just randomly) say to the people, “I have come to slaughter you”, and rather this statement was said in a specific situation to specific people.

Brothers and Sisters,

Do you now see how the reality is distorted and how the image of Islam is ruined?! Like the one that uses statements such as, “I have come to slaughter you”, is identical to the one that quotes Allah and says:

“O you who believe! Do not come close to the prayer.”

He reads the above verse and doesn’t complete that which comes after it in where Allah says:

“…when you are intoxicated”

Or like the one that claims that Allah only says:

Woe to those that pray”

And he doesn’t complete reading the following verse which describes who these people are. As Allah mentioned:

“Who are unmindful of their prayers”

Servants of Allah,

This statement shows a clear sign of prophecy of the Prophet (SAW). The Prophet (SAW) mentioned this in the beginning of his call, he was weak while he was in Makkah and didn’t have any power or authority. As time passed, Allah made the religion much stronger and gave victory to His Prophet. There was a time when these arrogant stubborn Devils of the Quraish came out to fight the Prophet (SAW) in the battle of Badr. The Prophet (SAW) did not initiate the fighting, nor did he intend to wage war against them. Rather it was them that came out rushing to fight the Prophet (SAW) in order to stop his call. It was then that Allah fulfilled His promised and actualized the punishment that he had in store for them. The Prophet (SAW) stood next to their dead bodies three days after the battle of Badr came to an end. He then called out and said:

“O Abu jahal Ibn Hisham! O Utbah Ibn Rabiah! O Shaybah Ibn Rabiah, O Umayyah Ibn Khalaf!, have you seen that what your Lord promised you was the truth? I have truly seen that what my Lord promised me was the truth.”

Umar Radiyallahu anhu said, “O messenger of Allah! It has been three days since these people died. Why are you then speaking to their rotten lifeless bodies as if you are waiting for a response?” The Prophet (SAW) then said, “Don’t think that you can hear what I am saying better than they do. For they can hear everything I am saying now, but they do not have the power to respond.”

O Allah, we bare witness that you are the truth, Your Prophet is the truth, Your promise is the truth, Your meeting is real, Your paradise is the real, Your hellfire is the real. We witness that the Day of Judgment will come, which has no doubt about it, and that You will resurrect those who are in the grave.

O Allah, show us the truth and give us success in following it. And show us the falsehood and give us success in staying away from it.

O Allah, keep us away from the inward and outward trials and tribulations.

O Allah, Lord of Jibril, Mika’il and Israfil, Creator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen, You judge between Your slaves concerning wherein they differ.

O Allah, guide us to the disputed matters of truth for you are the One Who guides to the Straight Path.

As the year 1436 A.H ends and 1437 A.H sets in, I raise my hands in prayers:

O Allah, do not let our hearts deviate from your guidance. Give us the will power to live the year 1437 A.H and beyond within your religion (Islam) better than before. Guide us aright and protect us from all evils. Let us die among your pious servants, the dwellers of Jannatul Firdausi, Ameen.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year 1437 A.H

And all praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

This Khutbah (Friday Sermon) was prepared for delivery today, Muharram 3, 1437 A.H (October 16, 2015), by Imam Murtada Muhammad Gusau, the Chief Imam of Nagazi–Uvete Jumu’at Mosque, Okene, Kogi state Nigeria. He can be reached via: 08038289761 (+2348038289761).