Illuminati Olympics 2012: 13 Illuminated Pyramids, ‘Child Sacrifice’ to Sun god Apollo

July 28th, 2012

NewsRescue- As the Olympics, the worlds second largest business -falling after Apple and before Google– opens in London, many all over the world are caught with the dazzling lights and fanfare, but as the fun begins, Illuminati researchers and experts are picking up eerie, glaring displays of full Illuminati paraphernalia.

Thirteen illuminated pyramid lights were setup and used to flood the venue on the opening anniversary. According to experts in the study of this elite occult, claimed to be orchestrating some sort of total control of minds, bodies and souls, the 13 number is a unique aspect of their symbolism’s, and it can be noticed that the US-an Illuminati control center- flag and dollar note also bears 13 stars.

Olympics: World’s #2 Business

The pyramid symbol with the ‘illuminated all seeing eye’, as can be observed, also on the dollar bill and in the construction of the Olympics flood lights, is strongly linked to an Egyptian association of Illuminati occult activities.

Historically the games have always been symbolic of paganism and marked by and represented the Masonic Illuminati occult.

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No secret, the Sun-god, Apollo revered in Olympics 2012

The occult is no longer secret, if it really ever was. From this Reuters article of rehearsals, it can be seen as was observed at the Olympics opening ceremony, that the Sun-god, Apollo was revered.

Olympics-Sun god reigns over torch-lighting rehearsal

May 9 (Reuters) – Priestesses in pleated robes swayed under a scorching sun at the birthplace of the ancient Olympics on Wednesday in the final rehearsal to light the flame that will burn at the London Games.

Ino Menegaki, playing the high priestess, appealed to sun God Apollo {Economic Times}

Far from the political drama embroiling debt-stricken Greece, locals and foreign tourists gathered at the ruins of the Doric temple to goddess Hera to watch as Greek actress Ino Menegaki solemnly stooped to light the torch with a concave mirror.

The flame will serve as a backup if overcast skies loom over Thursday’s official ceremony, but weather forecasts predict the event will be similarly blessed by abundant sunshine.

For the first time, male priests danced to the sound of a drum amid the temple’s ancient ruins instead of limiting the choreography to the adjacent stadium, organisers said.

With her arms raised towards the sky, Menegaki – playing the role of high priestess – then invoked the sun God Apollo in prayer before kneeling to light the torch in just a few seconds as the sun’s rays focused on the parabolic mirror.

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It is believed by illuminati researchers that the subtle and not so subtle images, lights and sounds, including certain words and notes in music and illustrations on TV are developed by the occult to subtly control peoples minds and enable them become total subjects of the occult, unknowingly abandoning their beliefs.

Experiments have been conducted by the illuminati governments to test the efficiency of their delivery systems and the level of control, via successful brain washing of the global populace.

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The Kony 2012 experiment, where a most stupid video with absolutely no fact or factual evidence used in the making of the video, which only contained as evidence, compelling accounts of two children, one an African child and the other a US toddler, was highly successful in fueling global action. This, until Joseph Russel, the producer of the video ran mad in a rather spectacular way and was seen on video calling out and talking to ‘the devil’ while walking naked.

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It can be seen that the pyramid (inverted) was the symbol of the Kony 2012 global campaign:

In addition to gaining total control of the populace in a global slave-like workforce, the Illuminati elite are believed to seek a demolition of conventional monotheistic beliefs and religions and the replacement of these with the worship of objects, love of money and sex like the ancient Greeks, and ultimately worship of Lucifer.

Zeus {Wiki}

Wikipedia- Zeus, father of Apollo: Panhellenic cults

The major center where all Greeks converged to pay honor to their chief god was Olympia. Their quadrennial festival featured the famous Games. There was also an altar to Zeus made not of stone, but of ash, from the accumulated remains of many centuries’ worth of animals sacrificed there. Outside of the major inter-polis sanctuaries, there were no modes of worshipping Zeus precisely shared across the Greek world. Most of the titles listed below, for instance, could be found at any number of Greek temples from Asia Minor to Sicily. Certain modes of ritual were held in common as well: sacrificing a white animal over a raised altar, for instance.

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Adolf Hitler Introduces Torch to Olympics

Nazi Olympics, Berlin 1936: Inauguration of the Olympic Torch Relay

On August 1, 1936, Hitler opened the 11th Summer Olympic Games. Inaugurating a new Olympic ritual, a lone runner arrived bearing a torch carried by relay from the site of the ancient Games in Olympia, Greece.

On August 1, 1936, Hitler opened the Games of the 11th Olympiad. Musical fanfares directed by the famous composer Richard Strauss announced the dictator’s arrival to the largely German crowd. Hundreds of athletes in opening day regalia marched into the stadium, team by team in alphabetical order. Inaugurating a new Olympic ritual, a lone runner arrived bearing a torch carried by relay from the site of the ancient Games in Olympia, Greece.The 1936 Games were the first to employ the torch run. Each of 3,422 torch bearers ran one kilometer (0.6 miles) along the route of the torch relay from the site of the ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece, to Berlin. Former German Olympian Carl Diem modeled the relay after one that had been run in Athens in 80 B.C. It perfectly suited Nazi propagandists, who used torch-lit parades and rallies to attract Germans, especially youth, to the Nazi movement. The torch itself was made in 1936 by Krupp, a German company better known for its production of steel and armaments.

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Well, we do hope you enjoy the games.