It’s Not Over Till It’s Over; Come Vote En mass – Idris Ahmed

by Idris Ahmed

With the victory of GMB during the 28th March presidential election, the war against tyranny, corruption, insecurity, impunity, and genocide had just begun. Several battles must consistently be fought and won for this war to be deemed completely won. Today’s gubernatorial elections is the next battle in this war.

Having secured GMB as president elect, Nigerians must proceed and finish off the job properly by voting state governors that will work with him to stop the rot and bring development to the masses. We must not be complacent and elect deadly Trojan Horses, who will make the business of governance difficult for GMB.

My people, do not be mislead by the fact that GEJ the PhD scammer had conceded defeat even before the final presidential election results were released by INEC. His concession has NOTHING to do with the well being of Nigeria and Nigerians. The villain was given ultimatum by UK and USA governments to accept defeat or face economic embargo and a swift showing at the ICC. Therefore be warned that the man still remains the same war criminal, pathological liar, and the most dangerous head of state Nigeria ever had. He is nobody’s hero.

As of this morning when you are looking forward to electing state governors and state assembly members of your choice, GEJ and his PDP machine, using state apparatus like the SSS and the military have perfected how to rig the gubernatorial election in several key states around the country.

A Defence Headquarters Kia Mohave SUV with registration number DHQ 349 was filled with hundreds of thousands of already thumb-printed ballot papers and flown from Abuja to Lagos yesterday morning. Meanwhile the Boko Haram grandmaster himself flew into Lagos yesterday unannounced to supervise the rigging operation. Lagos is the most populous state in Nigeria. It is the financial capital of our country. What happens there has a direct or indirect bearing on the rest of the country. Lagos must therefore not be allowed to fall into the hands of the tyrant and his cabal.

A treasonable curfew, similar to the one imposed in Bauchi state during the presidential election is also planned for Adamawa state. The PDP criminal gangsters have connived with the military and the SSS to announce a curfew starting 6.00 PM on Sunday, and finishes 6.00 AM on Monday. As usual, the tyrants claim security as the basis for their criminal actions. We call on the good people of Adamawa state to emulate their Bauchi brethren and totally ignore this bogus curfew. They must come out en-mass to peacefully protect their mandate.

In Katsina state, the PDP cabal are determined to humiliate GMB by whatever means necessary. We are reliably informed that state governor has connived with ward returning officers throughout the state to return pre-arranged bogus results. It is therefore important for all voters in Katsina state to demand seeing the original results sheets before the elections commence. Similarly, they must ensure that the results are announced at each polling unit and that the original results sheets are posted for all to see. The ward returning officers must not be allowed to leave their polling units without announcing the results and pasting the results sheets.

Intelligence report reaching us from Borno state suggests that not all is well there. We are reliably informed by a CUPIAN that voting has already started before 8.00 AM at moduganari primary school, before the official commencement of voting. The people of Kaga are casting their votes there. Meanwhile the gubernatorial voting sheet is yet to arrive.

CUPS is reliable informed that various criminal master plans have been hatched and deployed to disenfranchise our people in Kaduna, Rivers, and Bayelsa states. To this end, we remind our people that the game of fighting to regain our freedom from tyranny is not over until it is over. Therefore tell everybody that has registered to vote to come out today and vote for change. We must not allow the gains made on 28th March to be undermined by the GEJ cabal. If we loss this opportunity to save Nigeria, we may never have another one again.

CUPS wishes you a pleasant and hitch free voting.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.