VIDEO: Jide Obanikoro Arrested For Inducing Voters With PDP Dollars: Like father Like Son

Musliu Obanikoro accused of inducing elections
Musliu Obanikoro accused of inducing elections
  • Activist Dr. Peregrino Brimah Calls For Jide’s Disqualification


Jide Obanikoro, son of Minister Musliu Obanikoro was just arrested for wooing voters with cash across various voting polls in his ward.

Jide also reportedly just ‘won’ his unit, but is not expected to be declared after being caught in this criminal act of voter inducement.

The highly irritated officer slammed the car door on Jide for his hooliganism while he reacted with the typical ‘I am above the law’ posture.

With General Muhammadu Buhari/Pastor and Attorney Osinbajo’s win, order is rapidly returning to Nigeria.

His father, Musliu has been accused also of inducing elections in the #EkitiGate scandal last year.

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