Latest: Civilian-JTF Report Abducted Girls In 9 Camps In Sambisa Forest

  • This contradicts the information of the Nigerian army according to PremiumTimes

May 21, 2014

Members of the vigilante group in Borno State have identified about nine Boko Haram camps around Sambisa, where the abducted girls are currently being held hostage.

The vigilante members, who are also seasoned hunters and know the terrain confirmed this development on May 20, claiming that their members operating in the neighbourhood of Sambisa, had noticed strange movements in the area that led to the confirmation that the abducted schoolgirls had been split up into tiny groups and shared  among different camps in the Sambisa forest.

The state leader of the vigilante group, Alhaji Adamsi Tar, speaking alongside the group’s spokesman, Muhammed Gava, disclosed that the abducted girls are being held in forests near Ashigashiya, Dure Tsiradawale, Gwadale, Kirawa, Valangade, Yamatake, Shinagawa, Garinwabi and Sasawa.

They said, “These are communities surrounding Sambisa forest in the southern part of Borno State. A large number of the girls is being held in the forests of Ashigashiya and Shuwaram, only a few of the girls are in Tsiradawale, Mitele and Alagarno, which is a border town near Boso in Niger Republic.

“We are very sure of our discovery and we have informed the security operatives accordingly.”

According to the vigilante members, Boko Haram members were tactically shifting their camps to the edges of Sambisa. This is because Sambisa forest is usually swampy and marshy place during the rainy season and it is usually not very habitable, except during the dry season.

They added that they are spread across all the local government areas of the state and have over 9000 members who operate along the highways and the bushes of their localities, which is why they are privileged to get such information.

We could do better at complementing the conventional security operatives if we are better equipped,” the group said.

The abduction of more than 200 girls from Chibok community in Borno state has sparked a global outrage and various foreign countries like the United States, United Kingdom, France and Israel are providing intelligence and surveillance assistance in the search and rescue mission of the girls.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Special Forces from the Army’s 7th Division said they have sighted and narrowed the search for the abducted Chibok schoolgirls to three camps operated by Boko Haram sect, north of Kukawa at the western corridors of the Lake Chad.

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