March 28th! Tuface, Femi Kuti, Omojuwa #BlackREALVolution Protests in Nigeria And Abroad

BLACKREVOLUTION blackreal2March 27, 2014


The Japheth Omojuwa, Femi Juti, Tuface, Bovi, Sound Sultan and more coordinated protests will begin tomorrow, March 28th.

Website and #BlackRealVolution

Japeth Omojuwa and Azeerah Mohammed at the Ministry of Interior this week, painting it red
Japeth Omojuwa and Azeerah Mohammed protest at the Ministry of Interior this week, painting it red

Nigerians are tired of the regression and protests have been occurring spontaneously on almost an every day basis as more insecurity and poverty plagues the oil blessed nation, while the cabal and government fly in more jets and drive more armored cars.

From the #BlackRealVolution website a call for you to be part:

Stand up to be counted! A society devoid of development is one that is bereft of ideas! Complacency looms, permeating subtle skins, infiltrating ordinary souls with the spirit of feebleness! Soon, the cacophony of once vibrant voices is drowned by inner fears and doubts. Mediocrity becomes commonplace and ordinariness becomes a trait acceptable to all. The day of doom slowly approaches. But out of the weakness emanates the inner strength to conquer the spirit of torment. Traits of routine give way to strands of excellence and the firm belief that even excellence is just the stepping stone to attaining greatness. Fading drums suddenly clatter in a high crescendo and the dousing flames of distinction engulf traits of pessimism. Only REAL societies EVOLVE. Welcome to the #BlackREALvolution. Stand up to be counted!

At Ministry of Interior
Dr Brimah protests ate the Nigerian embassy in New York

Something Is About To Happen: Ihe Ne Me by Tuface