Masari Did Not Release ‘a Single Kobo’ In 2016 For HUK Poly Capital Projects

Masari and the coffins

Information gathered by KATSINA POST has it that Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic has not gotten a single kobo out of its proposed capital expenditure in the year 2016.

We got this information from the Honourable Member representing Malumfashi local Government who is also a member of the Higher Education committee of the House – Hon. Abdullahi I. Mahuta who made a Facebook post on his wall stating that.

In the Post he tagged “I Got Applause. I Got A Slap: I Got Wiser”, he stated that, “In 2012, the then PDP administration of my state did not release a single kobo out of the total capital expenditure of the Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnicl for the year.  I only knew that after the presentation of the 2013 proposed budget by the governor. I wasn’t a member of the Higher Education committee of the House, so I couldn’t had known before then.

Because of my passion for education,  I got angry.  I went to  town spitting fire and brimstone. Granting interviews and condemning the government. The citezens, who were mostly against the government then, were impressed. They cheered me up. I got Applause.

The government was embarrassed. My colleagues then in the House got angry, for embarrassing their government.  They got me suspended. I got a Slap.”

He however continued that, “In 2016, the same thing happened.  The same institution got zero allocation out of its capital expenditure budget for the year. And now I am a member of the Higher Education committee of the House.  So I should know that, even before the presentation of the 2017 draft budget, in fact, I knew. I should have done something on time. I didn’t.

And still, because of my passion for education, my conscience just won’t let me be. If I could talk then why not now? The guilt started to settle in. The pressure mounts. I must do something. I must talk. But, with the experience of the earlier Slap,  I must talk differently.”

“Finally, on Wednesday last week,  I had an opportunity to meet with my Governor. In the presence of his Chief of Staff, we had a meeting, on a different issue. I brought  the issue of  non release of capital funds to my former institution. His excellency was surprised.” He continued.

“It’s not possible Honourable. I have special interest and commitment for education in Katsina state.” “I know that Sir. In fact that’s why I’m also surprised sir, knowing your commitment for the educational project of the state. But being a member of the Higher Education committee,  so I should know that Sir. In fact, that’s what was reported in the draft budget.”  “Thank you Honourable for bringing my attention to this,  I’m sure something went wrong somewhere. Be assured, I would do something about it ” My Governor assured.

“Honourable,  I learn that you will be travelling out of the country to check on our students on foreign scholarship,  I wish you safe trip.” Putting his hands in the front chest pocket of his ‘yar-chikin babbarriga’ he picked out a few notes: “Honourable,  as part of our tradition, please use this to buy sweets on the road”. I thanked him and left.