NANS President threatens Comrade Shettima Umar’s Presidential Bid for Legitimately Condemning Jonathan’s Endorsement on behalf of Nigerian Students

…Says General Muhammadu Buhari is a Failing Hero

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) President
“Tijjani Usman Shehu” threatens my Presidential bid to take the
affairs of my institution.

The event took place on Friday 6th March 2015 on a Social Media page “Facebook”.

I had earlier condemned the Endorsement of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s
Re-election bid by the NANS President on behalf of the Nigerian

The Statements which was duly signed by me reads as follows:

“The recent endorsement of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s second term
presidential re-election bid by the National Association of Nigerian
Students (NANS) President was Undemocratic, Unconstitutional and

“No Association, individual or groups of persons have such power to
handpick a candidate without proper consultation within all

The power on who will be the students President of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria in 2015 solidly rest in the hands of the Nigerian
Students who stayed at home for over Six (6) month during the ASUU
Strike, and over Nine months during the ASUP Strike respectively”

We, the entire Borno State Student strongly condemn such blind
endorsement, The song of sorrow makes the heart bleed, Nigerian
Students and Youths have suffered so much under the present federal
government led administration and these sufferings are still very
fresh in our thought while history has given us another opportunity to
reposition our beloved Nigeria in the forthcoming general elections
slated for 28th March and 11th of April 2015

In respond to the above details, The NANS President “Tijjani Usman Shehu” Said

“@Comrade Shettima Umar you speaking on behalf of National Union of
Borno State student  you are not informed properly.

” I discovered you are mentally detailing and gradually you will
finally be brain drain.

The endorsement has taste of time with Sug Presidents, congress men
and women, Stakeholders , zonal coordinators, Jcc chairmen, including
Nans Leadership and Senate leadership involve in the well organized
endorsement so you alone out of it is minus one. So go and support n
endorse your falling hero Buhari”

In respond to the above details “The National Association of Nigerian
Students NANS Zone ‘A’ Secretary General Comr Rotr. Ibrahim Sug who is
also responding to the interaction also notified the NANS President of
his inability to condole to the Family of the Nigerian Students who
lost their lives towards the Federal Government College Buni Yadi as a
sign of remembrance but busy endorsing Jonathan at Area 3 garden
Abuja, describing the NANS President as someone who is only serving
the association for personal gains.

The Secretary who spoke on behalf of North East insist that no amount
of Intimidation will stop Comrade Shettima Umar from Victory.

A source also who don’t want his name to be mentioned stated that the
Leadership of NANS has organized a Senate Meeting scheduled to take
place on 12th – 14th March 2015, and the Agenda of the Meeting may be
to Impeach “Comr. Ogunkuade Tosin Oluwatosin”, The National
Association of Nigerian Students, NANS Vice President External
Affairs, because of his Press Release as stated follows:


Our attention has been drawn to a supposed endorsement of President
Goodluck Jonathan for a second term by Nigerian students.

We make bold to state that the meeting conveyed by Comrade Jude
Imagwe, the Senior Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on
Students and Youths were made up of some selected youths and a minute
fraction of the executives of NANS and their statements does not in
any way reflects the minds of suffering Nigerian students.

The appropriate way for the president to seek endorsement was to visit
the campuses and showcase his achievements and not gathering
unmatriculated students in Aso Rock Villa for endorsement.

We are still baffled as to why any right thinking Nigerian student
would endorse President Goodluck Jonathan for a second term when we
look at the number of deaths recorded in students communities
especially in the Northeastern and Northwestern parts of Nigeria.

The numerous strikes experienced by the students and which adversely
affected the
academic stability.


Though, I don’t normally join issues with School dropout, I always
want to deal with genuine Nigerian Students in my activities so as to
know their internal pains and hardship in-order to tackle their

I want to Vividly once again Condemn Jonathan’s Re-Election bid on
behalf of the entire genuine Borno State Students.

Regarding the threat by the NANS President on he will see whether I
will win the Election or not.

“I want to categorically state that, No any rate of intimidation,
destructive criticism will stop my contest, The good people of North
East have already spoken, and I am patiently waiting for the time
in-order to take the mantle of Leadership of my Institution.

My Vision “To create and co-ordinate a platform with high integrative
and educative potentials capable of building a new Nigeria and the
rest of African Nations where there would be Unity, Peace, Progress
and Prosperity for all Nigerians will never go in vain”

Every on has the right to join any political party of his or her self,
but nobody guaranteed an Individual to use the names of Nigerian
Students to endorse any candidate without proper consultation within
all warring parties.

The General Public should also take not that any form of Violence or
an attack towards my personality, The NANS president should be blamed
for such task.

I want to also salute the Courage and Leadership style of Comr. Yinka
Gbadebo (GCNS) for accepting all constructive Criticism through out
his tenure as the Immediate Past NANS President.

As a matter of fact, if you refuse to stand up for something you will
fall for anything and freedom is not freely given to the oppressed
until you fight for it.

We can feel the heartbeats of Nigerian Students and their search of a
Better Nigeria.

We, The genuine Nigerian students are in dire need of CHANGE.

Aluta Continua: Victoria Ascerta

Thank you.

Comr. Shettima Umar
President, National Association of Borno State – NUBOSS

Senior Special Assistant/Adviser to NANS Zone “A” Coordinator on
Political Affairs

Interim National Welfare Director, Students’ Politics and Rights – SPR

National Secretary General, NorthEast Students Forum Association

National Publicity Secretary, Northern Nigerian Students Forum – NSF

Representative, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi

Borno State Coordinator, African Visionary Leaders Association – AVILA