Nigeria: This Crisis As A Wake up Call For New Northern Leadership, by Abdulrahman Sheikh Mohammed

July 20, 2014


Abdulrahman Sheikh Mohammed

We Muslims, what are we now? Always blaming somebody that is far away from us for our predicaments. As for me, to blame Jonathan or CAN for Boko Haram issue is not the right response. Why don’t we blame our leaders? Don’t we have senators, Reps, ministers, Governors, high Army officers, police officers, big big business men, former vice and presidents of this nation, etc..?

If Goodluck is behind all this or CAN, are they more powerful than those northern people? If so, then they are too weak and we must not waste our time fighting for them to be elected in the next coming election. Rather, we must blame and reject our leaders here from the north and replace them with the true ones…

It’s better to blame our self and our action because we never show the good image of Islam to people that is why I never blame any Igbo for insulting north, Islam etc because we are not helping matters. Please, lets wake up for the truth. I believe if Goodluck is behind this then our own northern leaders too are his affiliates in this killing and poverty in the north…. Lets wake up.