Again Nigerian Air force Helicopters Drop Boko Haram Flyers in Song, Adamawa


We have reported on how Nigerian air force jets have recently been spotted dropping Boko Haram propaganda material over the skies of northeastern states. Flyers which claimed a Boko Haram faction was sorry and had been misled by corrupt leaders were dropped in Gombi, Adamawa state the past two days.

New reports include an eyewitness who saw a Nigerian air force helicopter bearing NAF 257 flying at a very low altitude with soldiers in it seen laughing. “The door opened and he dropped the flyers; which were in English, Hausa and Arabic. It says d boko harams regret their actions n promised to stop it. It happened in Song local government of Adamawa state.”

The Nigerian air force is yet to comment on why they are distributing Boko Haram propaganda material on behalf of the terrorists. NewsRescue continues to try to get their reaction.

shekau flyer