Open Letter To Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura from Comrade Esson Bako

Apr. 10, 2014


May I use this medium to draw the urgent attention
of your Excellency to the hardships being faced by
the good people of Ekpon. Sir, Ekpon is a village
located in Kagbu ‘B’ Agidi Development Area of
Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Council. The
law abiding citizens of this village have been
neglected in the infrastructural facilities such as
good roads, electricity, water supply, educational
and health facilities. However, the construction of
three classrooms and one administrative office at
LGEA Omwe, Ekpon by your administration a year
ago is aknowledged and appreciated.
It is shocking to realize that Epkon with a
population of more than one thousand people is yet
to have electric light. The present grinding and
groundnut breaking machines are not functioning
due to absence of electricity. Farmers are smarting
from the inconveniencing of having to trek to
distant towns to get their grains milled.
Further more, Ekpon is also in dare need of good
roads. The major road that links up this town
where the bulk of agriculture products are taken to
is deplorable. Especially, the road from Ekpon to
Barkin Abdullahi (B.A.D) is too bad that vehicles
that risk plying it break down more often than not.
The inadequate staff and supply of medical facilities
at the clinic for the use of people of this village has
resulted in the death of many people. It is appalling
to discover that pregnant women have no access
to medical treatment in Epkon as they often have to
be treated. Sick persons often resort to local
herbalists for cure who in turn compound their
Also, the inadequate staff, maintenance and supply
of educational materials to the LGEA Primary school
and Government Secondary School Ekpon has
seriously affected the learning of the students.
Government Secondary School Ekpon is the only
Secondary School standing in whole of Kagbu ‘B’.
Finally, the unavailability of pipe borne water or a
good drinkable water is giving us sleepless night.
The three boreholes constructed by the previous
administrations years ago had damaged as a result
of too much pressure. It is disheartens to note that,
people are prone to water borne diseases from the
use of water from the brooks and rivers.
If your maiden speech of ” i will not leave any
stone unturned” is anything to go by, we are still
hopeful that this village will not be further neglected
in the provision of infrastructural facilities which
will, without doubt, bring a new lease of life to the
inhabitants. I believe you will react positively to my

Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Transport and
Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Education,
Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Health,
Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Agriculture and
water resources.

Comrade Esson Bako,
Nasarawa State University, Keffi.