Open Letter To President-Elect Buhari: A Call to Warn the Military of their Activities in Abia – Uche Chuta

Congratulatory message by Uche Chuta on the election of president-elect, His Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari.

                                                                                                            April 2, 2015

His Excellency,

Major General MuhammaduBuhari (rtd),


Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Dear President-Elect,


I wish to express my profound congratulations to your Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari on your recent victory and election as the next president of our great country, Nigeria. Under your tenacious and tireless leadership the All Progressives Congress (APC) has achieved an unprecedented and historic victory from an opposition party in the last two years to a ruling party.

Your excellency, there is no gainsaying that our great country deserves a progressive upliftment and we are in tandem with all Nigerians who cast their votes in one voice for change realising that your personality and distinguished military background will provide us with the much needed leadership to implement an institutional reform in education, healthcare, economy, security, infrastructure, power, employment, agribusiness, oil and gas, unity of our nation and the fight against corruption.

congrats to buhariMost importantly, these reforms will be even more symbolic once started from the military because of the great harm done to this unique and professional arm of government which nurtured great leaders such as yourself.

May we use this opportunity to express our deep concern at the ignoble role which the military have been used to play in the just concluded presidential election in Abia State, our state of concentration. The military have been used as a willing tool in the hands of corrupt politicians of the state. At various times, men of the military have been induced to ballot box snatching, rigging and intimidation by force of any other party apart from those parties who are able to fund their nefarious activities. These assertions are made with every sense of patriotism and duty to the greater good of the nation.

These strategies are deployed immediately after accreditation have been completed to ensure that total success in their nefarious activities is achieved and to infringe on the people’s fundamental human rights to choose a leader that will serve them conscientiously.These actions have negatively affected the previously hallowed reputation of the military arm and cast a pale on their professionalism as they used to be known for during your distinguished membership.

While using this opportunity to congratulate you, we also bring these actions to your notice and hope that it will spur some sort of reaction to reverse these negative actions before the upcoming April 11 governorship election in Abia state and provide a level playing field for all parties devoid of the electoral malpractices and shenanigans of the other parties. These other parties have for the past 16 years held Abia in bondage whilst transforming their name from PDP to PPA and the latest mutation is APGA. They all are ONE and the SAME and their methodology is equally the same.

As you embark on the historic reformation and revamp of our great country, we believe that your varied and vast experience will undoubtedly stand you in good stead to mobilise capable hands to put Nigeria back on the growth trajectory of good governance, unity, cohesiveness, development and progress.

God bless You sir

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Yours sincerely

Uche  Chuta, Gubernatorial Candidate for the United Democratic Party Abia