Pastor Adeboye: The 15 Questions ‘Humanist’ Ijabla Raymond Can’t Answer


My dear friend Dr. Ijabla Raymond is having a field day poking at religious communities. I have had some degree of direct interactions with Ijabla a few years ago when I joined his FaceBook page dedicated to testing jabs at the faiths. After a couple of days of my illuminated responses to his jabs, an uncomfortable Ijabla who noticed I was shattering his developing empire of anti-god-ist fans by showing the folly of his sermons, kicked me out of the page.

Of course, the above was my reading of my and Ijabla’s brief direct engagement. It was not the first time anti-god-ists kicked me out. The Richard Dawkins forum also gave me the boot some years back after they could not tolerate my defense of religion and could not answer my simple questions to them.

Here I pose the questions to Ijabla and any other Humanist or anti-god-ist who cares to try to answer them. I anticipate any attempts to answer them and assure all that I will use logic and science to demonstrate the flawed logic, emptiness and blatant error in the anti-god fanatics’ responses.

1. What is the purpose of your existence?

2. If I (we) can get away with it, why should I (we) not kill fellow men?

3. Why should man conserve the environment (fight global warming etc)?

4. What is the Singularity from which the galaxies formed?

5. How did the dense Singularity at the beginning of the Big bang come into existence?

6. Can something come into existence out of nothing? If not, then how do you explain questions 4 and 5?

7. Categorically prove your existence (beyond being in a dream).

8. Can you scientifically discuss parthenogenesis while denying virgin births?

9. Do you not agree that evolutionary principles prove religion (based on the strict preservation only of traits necessary for survival of species, which preserved-religion must be one of)?

10. Why do you sleep?

11. Why do you yawn?

12. Evolution: in bilateralism, how come and why are both sides identical, e.g: both your eyes are the same color?

13. How does a cock hatched in seclusion recognize and warn of the approach of a hawk (and not a dove)?

14. Since there is absolutely no fact and no time-bound guarantee in science, can a position devoid of fact surpass any other positions?

15. Can you defend, explain and justify the placebo effect as relates to a position to abandon religion?

We await Ijabla or any other takers’ attempts to answer some of these questions.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian