Petition For The FG To Restore Nigeria’s True Federalism


This petition is initiated in the interest of the progress and prosperity of Nigeria. Restoring Nigeria’s True Federalism is clamored for north and south, east and west and is long overdue. We hope the government will listen to the cry of its people.

While campaigning for the presidency in 2011, President Muhammadu Buhari promised that his party will “restore true federalism in Nigeria” and that there “will be devolution of power.” APC ruling party chief Bola Tinubu has made and repeats the same recommendations as Nigeria’s only way forward.

The problem is, when people taste the colossal power at the center of Nigeria, it is so sweet and intoxicating that they forget what they promised and what is best for the people.

Everyone knows that the restoration of True Federalism is the best for Nigeria. Regionalism will revive a culture of patriotism and self pride in the regions and invoke a positive competitive sense that will bring out the best in Nigerians. As the Odudua region flaunts its Agbada, so shall the Arewa its caftan, the Igbo their Isiagu, the Ijaw their flowing suit and bowler hat and so on. People will cherish who they are and seize to have a reason to dedicate their time to fighting others.

Every confab has recommended regionalism. Today the youth, north and south are also set on this essential restructuring next step for this nation, to grant them hope, pride, security and promise.

The center has been too powerful and this has been a major reason why our past rulers all failed. With power devolved from the center, the smaller regions will be more in tune with their peculiar crises and the best ways to exploit their advantages and respond to their concerns. There will be less terror, less corruption, economic and politico-social growth, easier impeachment of failed leaders, and overall greater progress of the parts and Nigeria as a whole.

Massive Nigeria was wisely created as a true federal state, but thinking he was solving a particular problem, former dictator Aguiyi Ironsi dissolved the regions with his erroneous Unification decree #34 of 1966 and started what would be endless bloody problems and what would remain the bane of our development.

It is time to restore our True Federalism. It is time for devolution of power. It is time for us to work out the modalities of our restructuring and how many great regions we MUST break this nation into.

Join us sign and share this petition so we can force our public servants in charge to do our bidding.

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– Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian;