Picture Of Sheikh Zakzaky With His Six Sons Killed By Nigerian Army In ~1yr

Sheikh Zakzaky and dead 6



At 11 pm on the night of December 12th, the Nigerian army went to Sheikh Zakzaky’s house and conducted a war operation on it

They fired bullets and tossed grenades into the house as though Osama Bin Laden lived in it.

They burned the house to the ground with every one in it. Sheikh Zakzaky who had lost three sons to a similar action of the army, lost another three sons who had come home for the holidays in the attacks. He has only one son and two daughters to go.

As members of the Islamic movement rushed there as a human shield, the soldiers shot and killed everyone who came and stood in front of the house, killing hundreds in the Husainiyah building and in front of Zakzaky’s home.

Sheikh Zakzaky’s wife was reported dead though the army claims she is with the, there is no independent verification as they have not allowed her if alive to communicate to family.

The army did not have an arrest warrant and even if such was given this would be the duty of the police as Nigeria is not under military rule.

Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna and Shettima of Borno

All known rules of engagement were discarded and standards to protect innocent life, women and children were violated according to reports of the attack.

The army central command was supposed to have been moved to Maiduguri. it would appear the war crazed soldiers thought Zaria was Mauduguri where they were meant to be.

Northern governors indicted the movement, blaming the incident on a so-called procession, to enable Kaduna governor Nasir El-Rufai respond to the massacre by using it as an opportunity to ban nuiscance processions in the state. It was dishonest however based on facts thus far. Video provided by the army showed there was no procession that day. The members were on the street and angry because the army had suddenly earlier that day, deployed a battalion which they stationed in execution mode across from the Islamic Center in the NNPC petrol station. This is what caused the gathering and purposeful road block based on recollection and apprehension of a similar massacre of their members by the army last July, not any procession. Zakzaky has denied directing anyone to carry sticks and stones and dissociated his movement officially from the armed men on the streets.

Soldiers who were deployed to Hussainiyah Islamic Center that triggered citizens to block street as they feared an unprovoked assault
Soldiers who were deployed to Hussainiyah Islamic Center ahead of Buratai’s passage that triggered citizens to ask them to leave and block the street as they feared an unprovoked repeat assault like the one last year

Here is what they did to Zakzaky’s buildings with everyone in it:

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 4.06.25 PM

Pictures Of Zakzaky Sons Killed In Bombardment Of His House: Ages 13-16

children of s zakzaky


children of s zakzaky


children of s zakzaky


“…let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear God. For God is well-acquainted with all that ye do.” Holy Quran in Chapter 5 and verse 8