President Jonathan Claimed He Is God

nigeria-to-cabalby Alhassan Haruna Dambatta,

Many of president Jonathan campaign rhetorics are marred by hypocritical assertions that are compounded in the cocoon of lies and deceptions that will only ensure his down fall from ‘grace’ to grass.

For most the time we have been waiting and listening for Jonathan to give a concrete speech that may lure our mind to win our votes but Jonathan has continued to fail, just as it is known that his name is synonymous with failure for the people.

In Kano, Jonathan promised to make more ‘DANGOTES’, implying that he is the person that made Dangote very rich, and as the richest black man or richest man in Africa Dangote has confessed in many fora that the elite/capitalist policies employed and implemented by clueless Jonathan contributed to his dirty riches that has succeeded in placing him in that profile of being the richest black man in Africa.

From his statement, Jonathan believed he is God who can make anyone rich as he wills, and after making Dangote he want to make more DANGOTES in Kano state.

Jonathan by claiming God should know that he doesn’t have any power to make any one rich, not even Dangote, even with the availability of our squandered resources at the mercy of his care, and what gain will others who are not rich drive from Dangote richness? What do the people of northern Nigeria and especially Kano people gained from the so called Dangote richness? Mr, rich maker show us one single hospital or school or feeding centre built and operated by dangote in kano or northern Nigeria as a whole.

What gain is Dangote richness to us that you want to make more of Dangote who may continue in stealing our natural resources including GOLD stolen from our Kogi state area for their personal gain, instead of you to ensure Kano people of your readiness to bring companies that will generate employment,you are rather there shouting into our ears of things that we totally know to be a beer parlour statement from a drunk who is in need of hailing because of the level of intoxication he achieved.

Mr, rich maker please hold your more of Dangote because here we believed everything is ordained by God, Dangote richness is not your making but God’s and we think you dont posses any power to make anyone rich, Dangote inclusive.

This is a blasphemy and total disrespect to ALLAH, the God we in Kano worship and whom we believed posses the singular power to make rich who ever He so wish.

Mr. President you have to apologise for insulting our God and our sensibility and doing otherwise will only identify you and the hatred you have for Kano people.

As we await your apology you equally need to be reminded that you are only the president of Nigeria who is to leave office in Febuhari by grace of that God you insulted.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta