President Jonathan Confesses To BBC About Boko Haram


In the following video now being watched by all Nigerians, the president of Nigeria made several notable confessions to the BBC interviewer. ‘Confused, incoherent and corrupt’ are the words that have been used to describe his performance in the interview. The confessions he made are are as extracted below:

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1. Goodluck Jonathan admitted that Boko Haram insurgents are not so much being killed but are just being deactivated and are dissipating into neighboring countries from where at any time they may be re-called to relaunch their pogrom on Nigeria’s north. The president of Nigeria explained that these insurgents (numbers may be as many as 30,000) are relocating to neighboring countries,. north Africa, Central Africa and other points from where they were recruited. Also stating that Boko Haram terrorists were reintegrating in communities.  NewsRescue earlier reported on this finding; that Boko Haram terrorists were obviously not being killed and brought to justice but the terrorists were being deactivated and in essence evading justice while being able to re-group at a future date.

jonathan coup

2. President Jonathan surprised the viewers by saying that he had no clue about the military operations and that in regards to the Chibok girls, whatever the military chiefs said is what it was. In essence the president admitted that a coup had transpired in the country and he was no longer in charge of the Nigerian government. It would be the second time he would make such admissions. The first instance was when he claimed he was unaware of the military decision to have the February 7th presidential elections postponed.

3. From the video the president failed to address the failure of his government and the other PDP administrations for a total of 17 years straight who had not according to him, bought equipment for the Nigerian army. The president admitted that he had totally failed to handle Boko Haram for the six years of his administration as he in his words, underestimated the seriousness of the problem. President Jonathan did not deny the questions indicating subversion of most of the yearly $5 billion budget to equip the army, simply telling the interviewer that he should be happy Nigeria is in this 6-week period, doing something at last.

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4. The president admitted that Boko Haram was a foreign orchestrated plot and not a local “opposition” sponsored insurgency as he had insinuated and accused politicians of for the entire 5 years.

5. President Jonathan said he is hurt when Boko Haram terrorists die. Though this statement may be viewed in two ways: indeed as many of the terrorists are forced conscripts, empathy must be felt; the president’s unusual romance with the terrorists once again definitely draws attention.

6. In spite of all the above, the president confidently said he was going to win the upcoming elections. That is unusual as with the record as illustrated, baring resorting to rigging, it would be impossible for any leader to be confident of winning.

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