President Jonathan Will Be Assassinated by Impeachment Or By Nigerians in 2015 By Ballot

Edwin Clark

The recent reported scripted statement in a press conference  by elder state man Edwin Clark that Jonathan opponents could assinate the shoe less president becouse of their quest for power is thug like,improper,sadistic,satanic,lacking wisdom and reasoning. This is what the power blind clark said as reported by many online news portals of which one of them NIGERIAN WATCH reported that

“Edwin Clark says APC are so desperate for power they could assassinate Goodluck”.

What an insultive after thought statement by this old man that refused  to rest,a statement that is only ment to buy sympathy of the people.Ooh, this is the new campaign strategy? What a shame,very soon clark will call another press conference but this time around clark will rather CRY than speak becouse the defeat of Jonathan at the poll in 2015 is becoming increasingly inevitably glaring. Nigerians think Clark should be interrogated,becouse from this statement it seems he is projecting the future he has knowledge about.

Even if Jonathan will be assasinated, he will be assasinated with the ballot paper and the ballot box will be Nigerians APC (Armoured personnel carrier) that will lead the mass movement of protectors of Democracy to kick out if possible mess up any politician with the ballot paper at the poll.

The old self disrespecting town carrier was at the People Democratic Party ward2ward initiative,another dead on arrival  TAN arrangement which envisage to lead other 100,000 elites that will vote for Jonathan in 2015. Ha ha ha, we are in millions and this time around it will be president Goodluck Jonathan versus Nigerians. We are the people power becouse sovereignity is with us. We are to decide the faith of not only Jonathan but all those senators,house members at all level,of all category. Watch out becouse this time around with our  ballot paper is either you are with Nigerian people or you are with the political Terro….ts.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]