Presidente Buhari Invited To G7 World Summit

President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari yesterday received invitation by the Group of 7 Countries (G7) to attend World Economic Summit slated to hold May 8 and 9, this year.

Buhari also got invitation from the president of France, Francea Hollande.

Delivering a letter of invitation to General Muhammadu Buhari yesterday in his Abuja office on behalf of the G7, German Ambassador , Michel Zenner said he was in Nigeria to congratulate and invite the president-elect to attend the important event.

“I am here to congratulate the President-elect, Gen. Buhari on his election and hand over to him the letter from the German Chancellor inviting him to Germany.

“We have a very deep and intense relationship with Nigeria and there are lot of areas where we can deepen our relation and develop them further such as in the area of economy, energy among others.

“We have a by-national commission with Nigeria and we are one of the countries with which Nigeria has this by-national commission and it covers the whole range of political, economic and security areas. There are many areas in which we can move further and deepen our very close cooperation.”

The G7 countries include Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Great Britian, Russia and United States.

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