PROTESTS: Jonathan’s “Diehard” Supporters in Niger Delta Protest For Diezani, Moro Sack

Niger Deltans protest for Oil Minister, Oil Godess Diezani, and Moro to be sacked

Mar. 31, 2014

A youth group that described itself as diehard supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan held a protest march in Warri, Delta State over the weekend to request the removal of controversial Petroleum minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke and the minister of Internal affair, Abba Moro.

The group reported the event as stated below: More troubles seem to be brewing for the embattled Minister of Petroleum Affairs Mrs Deziani Alison Madueke and her counterpart at the Ministry of Interior Affairs Comrade Patrick Abba Moro when youths from the Niger Delta held a protest rally in the city of Warri at the weekend to demand their immediate resignation or sack from office.

The youths who stated that they were die hard supporters of Dr. Goodluck presidency and government vowed to lead more protest to the venue of  the ongoing national Conference and the National assembly at Abuja until their demands were not given favorable consideration.

The Protest rally which was marshalled by members of the Niger Delta People Salvation Front (NDPSF) Delta/Edo Zone amongst other groups like Niger Delta Freedom Movement was led by an Urhobo Youth Leader, Social Justice Activist and Spokesman to Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo Asari, Comrade Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro who stated that it was time for all Non Performing Ministers and Presidential Appointees of the President to resign and get sacked or face the full opposition of youths across Nigeria.

Speaking to the Press, Comrade Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro remarked that Deziani Alison Madueke and Patrick Abba Moro were bad eggs who are generating negative publicity and unnecessary distraction for the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and as such must go.

He stated that all the protesting youths most of whom were graduates from tertiary institutions were irrevocably and unrepentantly commitment to the Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency and as supporters of the best performing president Nigeria has ever produced they have decided to be that still small voice of reason that will motivate and challenge the president to perform better and finish strong. Comrade Rex Anighoro noted that the likes of the Jezebelian oil goddess and the blood sucking monster that Deziani and Moro are, do not deserve to remain in government as they do not add value to the people nor enhance public service delivery.”

Let it be known that our mission here is not to aid the sanguinary appetite of an opposition who are mere alarmist and blackmailers, indeed we are here to perform a patriotic duty of supporting Dr. Jonathan perform better, we want him to finish strong and get reelected by a landslide, to ensure this we think it is necessary for him to sack all dead woods and also boost public confidence, we intend to continually be the still small voice that will constructively engage the government to do much more for the people, Jonathan is our father and we believe in him and as children of the house we have come to demand that the house be cleansed and organized much better, we are not here to energize the opposition but to ensure Jonathan that Jonathan win more support and finishes strong. We think Deziani has misrepresented us as Niger Deltans specifically she has not shown impeachable character and virtues of integrity and humility we expected of her she has not created opportunities for our young people but has carried on arrogantly and corruptly so we demand that she should go, the youths of Niger Delta has rejected her, so she must leave but if Mr. President do not heed our call we will continue to push and insist and express our displeasure ,however it is his call to do what is needful,we stand by Mr. President but Deziani and Moro must go and we shall extent this to other ministers and federal appointees we find so wanting” he stated.

Comrade Rex Anighoro speaking further stated that they were thankful to Mr. President for sacking Elder Godsday Orubebe whom they had led a similar protest against, they also commended Mr. President for courageously sacking Stella Oduah and Sanusi Lamido all of whom who have generated negative publicity for Mr. President, they now urge him to do much more by sacking Deziani and Moro,win more support and shut up the opposition who have been blowing things out of proportion just to discredit Jonathan’s Presidency.

The youths who held one minute silence for the repose of the souls of the youths who died at the screening exercise by the Nigerian Immigration Service were clad in red T-shirts  with the inscription “Mr President we support you but sack Deziani and Moro now.The youths who marched the Warri express way danced to Fela Anikulakpo Kuti hits amongst other alutarized songs, carrying various placards with inscription such as “the oil goddess must go”, “Sack Moro the blood sucking monster now” “Mr President enough is enough, sack all non performing ministers now”, “On Goodluck Jonathan we stand but we say no to Deziani”, “stop allowing Alarming People Cultist (APC) and lying mohammed lie against Mr.President”, you are embarrassing Mr. President Deziani and Moro resign” now amongst others.

The youths further declared their support for the ongoing National Conference and President Goodluck Jonathan re-election.

First published on SaharaReporters