Putin Commends Obama ‘Decent Man’ for Confessing Libya Was his ‘Greatest Mistake’


The President of Russia Vladmir Putin has commended US President Barack Obama on honestly admitting that his intervention in Libya was his greatest mistake.

Firstly, it confirms once again that the current US president is a decent man – and I say this without irony, because it’s not easy to say such things,” President Putin said during his annual Q&A session.

The invasion of Libya and murder of Gaddafi was no doubt one of the worst events to happen in the world in recent times.

Putin recalled that as a US Senator, Obama had denounced the Bush invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Unfortunately, [Obama] himself made those mistakes in Libya. It is very good that my colleague has the courage to [admit it], not everyone can do it,” Putin said, adding that “only a strong man” can make such bold statements. But Putin stressedthe bad thing is that this series of errors continues. After all, the same mistake was almost made in Syria, and it is still not clear what the outcome will be.

There was no plan for an after-Gaddafi Libya and many groups with many open terrorists and terrorists aligned units form Benghazi that were used to overrun Tripoli immediately commenced the full scale destruction of Libya as a state and using Libya to export terror across Africa and to the world.

Today Libya is a failed state and the second capital of Daesh.